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8.4.0 freeware download

PeaZip is a free archiver and file manager software, a fast and elegant all-purpose free ZIP files utility and free RAR extractor for Windows, Linux, macOS and BSD. ...

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PeaZip 64 bit

8.4.0 freeware download

PeaZip for Windows 64 bit is a free ZIP software optimized for WIN64 systems. The application ... and other great Open Source tools (like Brotli, FreeARC, PAQ, UPX, Zstandard...) for supporting special purpose file ...

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RarZilla Free Unrar

7.00 freeware download

RarZilla Free Unrar is a beautiful decompression tool for RAR-archives ... as well as the extraction of password protected files: Easy, easy, easy! Easy user interface Fast, ...


1.0.6 freeware download

MacZip is a free tool that includes both zip (for compression) and unzip (for extraction) capabilities. MacZip can compress files for the following systems: Unix, VMS, MS-DOS, OS/2, ...

Portable ArcThemALL!

5.1 freeware download

It is a multi-compressor of files and folders with UPX, MPRESS, ZIP and 7Z ... a handy and easy to use multi-compressor of files and folders with UPX, MPRESS, ZIP and 7Z ...

Zipper Tools

freeware download

... application that was designed for packing and unpacking files. This application is mostly used for deploying my ... Create zip file from your project directory by files modified date and files extensions ยท Unzip files ...

Zip to Email Free

1.00.23 freeware download

... is the best application to handle your email attachments. It works both via Microsoft Outlook Add-In and/or your Microsoft Windows. It is extremely powerful and probably by far ...


1.4.2 freeware download

The program CompressIT writes selected files in to one or multiple ZIP-file(s). CompressIT can create multiple ZIP-archive with predefined filesize for the archive. Optional you can delete the ...

DiskInternals ZIP Repair

1.1 freeware download

... for integrity. If CRC values of the original files of an archive don`t match the extracted ones, ... It will extract and move all the intact files to a new archive. The only other thing ...

PeaZip Portable

8.4.0 freeware download

... ideal package when you want to use a free file archiver and compressor utility without modifying your ... types, and other excellent Open Source tools (Brotli, FreeARC, PAQ, UPX, Zstandard...) for supporting additional file formats ...

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