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Avant Browser 2011 build 3

(Aug 24, 2011)

Avant browser is more like my friend. Fast, stable, useful.
He makes surfing the Internet easier. Thanks for avant browser

Avant Browser 2010.131

(Apr 21, 2011)

This is the one to be very useful software,easy operation, suitable for most people use

Avant Browser 2010.131

(Apr 15, 2011)

I have beeing using Avant browser for several years,like its fast speed ,functionality ,especially the online storage.

Avant Browser 2010.131
the most stable version

(Apr 14, 2011)

It's the most stable version after 11.7.46, no freeze,no close accidently,no strange errors,just like a knife customised for me.

Avant Browser 2010.131

(Apr 2, 2011)

i give avant four stars .i think avant browser can be better than now .
it is said that orca and chrome's ken will merge into avant browser .

Avant Browser 2010.131

(Mar 31, 2011)

I have tried the 2011 alpha version you released in your forum.and like the build-in downloader very much.it's more fast speed than IE .Detach tab and split view are usefull,I can watch vedios while scan the webpages.

Avant Browser 2010.130

(Mar 11, 2011)

I prefer The fearture that Avant release memory clearly which is impossible in other IE based browser.keep on good work.

Avant Browser 2010.130

(Mar 1, 2011)

avant browser is the best browser that i had used browser

Avant Browser 2010.130

(Feb 16, 2011)

i was looking for a new browser and i found avant browser and though is very cool,so i will use it

Avant Browser 2010.128

(Jan 11, 2011)

Wow,release memory is completely and use less CPU.didn't find any no responsible /freezing problem these days,good work.

Avant Browser 2010.128

(Dec 30, 2010)

Excellent browser,good work.
i used avant one years ,its so amazing .
fast&easy to use,functionality
now ,i used the lastest version ,2010 build 128

Avant Browser 2010.128

(Dec 28, 2010)

Whatever in my laptop with xp/ie6 or my desktop with win7/ie8, the latest release of avant browser rarely crashes even I keep my system and browser running for 3+ days due to working requirement. If you ever used Chrome, you'll understand what these ybrowser.exe are for. I choose it instead of Chrome due to its stability and compatibility.
This is the best one I have used. Takes a little getting used to, but easy to use. I love the full screen option

Avant Browser 2010.128

(Dec 23, 2010)

Very low memory usage, very easy to customize (such disable JavaScript, ActiveX, ...), being able to block ads and

pop-ups. I wonder why MS doesn`t do the same for us.

Avant Browser 2010.123

(Nov 29, 2010)

fast and stable which are the most two reason I use this browser

Avant Browser 2010.123

(Nov 25, 2010)

I use every feature of avant to the fullest. I have about 15 different quick searches and about 30 url aliases. This was the main feature that got me using avant, in addition to very quick new-tab opening.The other huge thing I liked was that if I ever installed a new OS my avant online account remained intact and the browser and bookmarks and settings remained exactly the same on all of my systems.

Avant Browser 2010.123

(Nov 17, 2010)

Avant is a wonderful browser. I could surf as I used Avant for about three weeks. Iam having trouble somewhere on my computer with Browsers in general. I have liked Avant the most of all the browsers I have had recently. I could browse ten to fourteen pages without slowing down my computer too much.

Avant Browser 2010.123

(Nov 16, 2010)

I am very happy to tell that Avant is very goooood and convenient to apply to massangers link but thare is no to link to apply gmail account having only yahoo msn other all are fecility are good and mainly speed is excellent。

Avant Browser 2010.123

(Nov 15, 2010)

I've always been a sceptic regarding alternative browsers to IE. I've use Opera, Mozilla, and many others, too many to number. But after using Avant, there is no need to look any further. They looked at what a power user really needs, and incoorperated it into the browser. Not only that, it sits on top of the IE, so keeping your favorites and security settings will not be a problem.
Not only that, avant has a very effective pop up killer, and so many features (easy to use) that when i go back to IE at other computers, i really dont know how i used them before. Download it, and see for yourself. 2 thumbs up :)

Avant Browser 2010.123

(Nov 4, 2010)

I prefer this latest version to 11.7.46,although a lot of guys said it's much more stable.You know,I'm alway UP-TO-DATE

Avant Browser 2010.123

(Nov 2, 2010)

a cute browser with fast speed and easy to use

Avant Browser 2010.122

(Oct 21, 2010)

Ok first of all to those that are saying this browser is fast, well it is about as fast as IE..since it IS IE, its just an add on, think of it that way, an ad on that gives you tabbed browsing, along with a pop up blocker, and some other easy to use features in a IE style. its not a TRUE browser like Opera or Mozilla. that said, it will do EVERYTHING that IE does, you're not going to have the incompatibility with some sites (Opera and Mozilla) This is for people who love IE, but have fallen in love with Opera's Features basically. You can Hate IE and Microsoft all you want, but the point remains, their browser has always done its job, which is more than i can say for any other browsers, and ive tried them all..and i always have a reason to come back to IE.

Avant Browser 2010.122

(Oct 12, 2010)

very useful software . i think it will save much time during the downloadint.

Avant Browser 2010.8

(Jul 14, 2010)

Very nice, clean, easy to use browser with all the features you'd expect. Pages load fast and smooth.

Avant Browser 11.7.46

(May 31, 2010)

The backup/restore function of 11.8 alpha is usefull,I never worried losting my data from now on.

Avant Browser 11.7.46

(May 24, 2010)

I have beeing using Avant browser for several years,like its fast speed ,functionality ,especially the online storage.frankly,I had lost my bookmarks before and the supporter restored them back for me.
Now the 11.8 alpha add the backup/restore function,back up automatically ,it's great...and I notice there were several processes in task manager,no freezing and no out of memory any more....

Avant Browser 11.7.46

(May 20, 2010)

Wow,release memory is completely and use less CPU.didn't find any no responsible /freezing problem these days,good work.

Avant Browser 11.7.46

(May 18, 2010)

I fount Avant Browser 11.8 Alpha 1 was already available for testing so downloaded and gave a try. Mutiple processes are found in the task manager, appearing and disappearing as new tabs created and closed. I feel the new 11.8 releasing resources completely and take less memory and cpu. No crashing or freezing problems。some small function like paste and go,paste and search etc. are very convenient,if you have a try,you will find more...

Avant Browser 11.7.46

(May 17, 2010)

This Alpha1 version avant browser 11.8 feels very stable and fast .I belive the official version will be better

Avant Browser 11.7.46

(Apr 16, 2010)

well,it'a good browser with fast speed and easy to use.

Avant Browser 11.7.46

(Apr 13, 2010)

I would definitely rate this as the top browser available today! The download is relatively small, the interface is extremely stable, mouse gestures and dockable tabs. Pop-up and ad blocking are excellent. The ability to block ActiveX, images, Java, and more "on the fly" is superb. It is much more compatible than Firefox and the developer has advertised as "Fastest Browser on Earth". Over the last six months of extensive testing of alternatives to Internet Explorer, this one has got to be the "keeper" of the bunch!

Avant Browser 11.7.15

(Oct 18, 2008)

Just about to try. Thanks for Vista support!

Avant Browser 11.5.16

(Jul 1, 2008)

It would be alot better if it worked with Vista. Create a new version that works with vista and i'll download it.

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