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PowerTools Lite

(Aug 17, 2009)

I've used many registry and system cleaners over the years, both free and retail. I have used jv16 powertools so I am familiar with its performance. That program is worth every penny. This program is not. In my opinion it can be too dangerous if you don't watch what its doing. It WILL clean out you 'TEMP' folders-in every partition. I let it do 3 scans (one after the other). I did notice that it was finding an unusual amount of errors and taking a long time to fix them. I tried to abort but that locked the program till it had finished. After the 3 scans I clicked on the "UNDO' button to see what it had done. I did not notice anything registry-wise that would set it apart from other free reg-cleaners. The fun part was seeing that it had wiped most of the data in the 'TEMP' folders on 3 partition - over 1.2 GBs of data. If you had important data that was stored in a temp folder for processing it could be wiped out (especially if you don't notice for a while). I am tech support for a number of people who use these programs like they are microwaves and just push the button(s) and let the program do its thing. I know of too many people who routinely use the temp folders to store data, and a One-Click-Wonder like this is not the answer for them. I will advise anyone who asks me about this program to proceed with caution or not at all (considering the amount of free cleaning apps out there). You get what you pay for in this case. This program would be far more tame if they had included more options such as a list of folders to exclude as well as giving you a total amount of MBs that is going to be removed to clue you in if something went wrong. Most people aren't going to go through a long list of errors and here they could pay for it.

PowerTools Lite

(Jun 22, 2009)


First sentence should read:

Wait a minute, there is no "about" in the help menu.

Slip of my finger on the keyboard , sorry.

PowerTools Lite

(Jun 22, 2009)

Wait a minute, I there is "about" in menu help.

Poor feature set, no sections selectable for scan and I miss the individual key undo option. Would be nice to have that for added safety. I never delete keys if there's no individual undo.

I made three scans and once it froze during scan. If the JV 16 payable version have the same registry cleaner I don't think it worth the money. Not better than any others. Most free version registry cleaners come with more options and do better job.

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