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Picture Sorting

Release4 freeware download

Incremental photo loading for faster display

Free Singapore Cityscape Screensaver

3.0 freeware download

Free Singapore Screensaver,Free Singapore Cityscape Screensaver,Free Cityscape


. freeware download

Photo editor with a lot of great effects that make your photos perfect

YeauLee Photography

. freeware download

Read and commend on articles

ImageSmaller freeware download

Reduces two or more images, such as a photograph, collectively


. freeware download

Allows you to accentuate exactly the parts of your photos

Life Memories

. freeware download

Enjoy every movements of your life with live tile


Release 7 freeware download

Advanced editing functionality like effects, enhancements, stickers, rotate

Fresh Pictures

. freeware download

Live Tile with inspiring pictures right on your start screen

Gallery Impression

. freeware download

Tool developed by the artist that translates systems of mathematical equations

Doctor Photo

. freeware download

Use your device's camera or an existing local photo


. freeware download

Discover all your memory-life account (photos, videos, audios, texts)

BLINK Cliplets

. freeware download

Create amazing photos with dynamic elemets


. freeware download

See the latest articles, comments, tweets and more on the go

The Weather Network

. freeware download

The power of weather knowledge at your fingertips

Elements Weather Forecast

. freeware download

Puts accurate and reliable weather information at your fingertips

Channel 9 videos

. freeware download

Easily find and view the video streams of your choice

No More Favs

. freeware download

Share virtual workspace using mail or SkyDrive


. freeware download

Read stories from USA TODAY's News, Money, Sports, Life, Tech & Travel sections

News Bento

. freeware download

The most fluid and beautiful news reader on Windows 8

F1 World News Reader

. freeware download

Brings you the latest news about the Formula 1

Fox News

. freeware download

Read the hottest stories of the day and watch the latest video clips


. freeware download

A free to use application provided to users in England and Wales

Windows 8 Metro RSS Reader

10 freeware download

Designed for Windows 8 users to enable them to read RSS feeds

Microsoft Download News

. freeware download

Quickly view the latest resources on Microsoft Download Center

The New York Times

. freeware download

Full access to over 25 sections plus unlimited access to


. freeware download

Change occurs between wet tropical air masses

Rumble Radar

. freeware download

Displaying all USGS significant Earthquakes for the past 30 days

Metro Weather

. freeware download

A Must have app to get to know about Metro cities Weather

The Weather Channel

. freeware download

Brings a whole new immersive weather experience