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1.0 freeware download

A Free PHP class to minify CSS, JavaScript and HTML assets.

ApPHP TreeMenu

3.1.0 freeware download

ApPHP TreeMenu - PHP script for generating multilevel tree menu control

Ayttm for Mac OS X

0.6.3 freeware download

Ayttm is an instant messaging (aka chat) client

ApPHP MVC Framework

0.9.9 freeware download

ApPHP MVC Framework web application framework in PHP

Free Business Directory Software

1.0.0 freeware download

Free php Business Directory Software to build a great online directory website.

ApPHP ContactForm script

1.1.2 freeware download

ApPHP ContactForm the easiest way to let your website visitors send email

CodeLobster PHP Edition

5.12 freeware download

Handy free portable PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript code editor with PHP debugger

PHP MVC Framework

0.9.0 freeware download

PHP MVC Framework web application framework in PHP5


B16.0506.1 freeware download

Provides a new and improved way for overclocking


2016.6 freeware download

@Help is a CHM file viewer/help system for the Linux operating system.

Ayttm for Linux

0.6.3 freeware download

Ayttm is an instant messaging (aka chat) client


1.20 freeware download

Records the details of any USB device that is plugged/unplugged into your system


1.0 freeware download

A simple way to gain some extra PC security privileges

Funny Voice

1.4 freeware download

Funny Voice changes the pitch of your voice.

Blackbird V6

0.9.95 freeware download

Windows privacy, security and performance

Destroy Windows 10 Spying

1.6.722.0 freeware download

Keep your Windows 10 safe with Destroy Windows 10 Spying

SSD - SetSoundDevice

3.0 freeware download

Can be used to quickly switch between your audio devices

Email Password Hacker

3.4.6 freeware download

Easy to use email hacking software that makes it possible to hack email password

Coccinella for Linux

0.96.20 freeware download

A cross-platform chat client


2016.07.14 freeware download

System administrator tool for manage computers

Notepad3 freeware download

Fast and light-weight Scintilla-based text editor with syntax highlighting

File Blender

0.36 freeware download

Extensible File Converter and Processor

TrayStatus Portable

3.0 freeware download

Show Num Lock status, Caps Lock status, Scroll Lock status


1.3 B1002 freeware download

Write an image concurrently to multiple USB Flash Drives


3.1 freeware download

Show Num Lock status, Caps Lock status, Scroll Lock status


2.2.3 freeware download

A cross platform, NTSC & PAL Famicom/NES emulator

Listsp freeware download

Manage processes, services and drivers on your computer

Qubes OS

3.2 freeware download

An open source distribution of Linux built around the Xen hypervisor

Wise System Monitor

1.43.38 freeware download

A free Windows utilities to monitor process, hardware and network traffic


1.1 freeware download

Compress and decompress your files using 7z format