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MSG File Opener Free

2.1 freeware download

MSG File Opener Free Download Software - View MSG File With Attachments

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Slender Space

1.59 freeware download

3D Slender horror adventure game.

New Version

myCollections freeware download

myCollections is the perfect tool to catalog Applications, Books, Games, Music,

New Version

Netwrix Account Lockout Examiner

4.163.380 freeware download

Quickly identify account lockout reason with powerful freeware tool

Virtual Girls Download

5.3.3 freeware download

Letting the Virtual Girls Download to strip on your desktop while you're working

New Version

Screen Recorder Free

10.3.1 freeware download

It is video capture software to record your computer screen with audio.

Screenshot Captor

4.21.1 freeware download

Capture tons of screenshots quickly, unique effects, multimon support, autoname

Privacy Repairer freeware download

Stop spying and surveillance in Windows 10. Restore your privacy for free.

Nik Collection

1.2.11 freeware download

Enhance the quality of your images by turning to this comprehensive plugin pack

Virtua Girl Download

3.1.47 freeware download

Don't miss out on the excitement. Go for Desktop Virtua Girl Download Now!

New Version

ScummVM for Linux

1.1.1 freeware download

Classic gaming interpreter and emulator

Windows Installer

4.5 freeware download

Application installation and configuration service


1.35 freeware download

Run a program with the specified date.

Free Bengali Astrology Software freeware download

Free Bengali Astrology Software. Also available in various other languages.

Windows XP Mode (Windows Virtual PC)

. freeware download

Free powerful software virtualization solution


2018 Build 74 freeware download

SUPER is a Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer

New Version
5 freeware award


2017 freeware download

FREE encoder for several audio formats - MP3, Ogg Vorbis, and more

New Version

BonkEnc Portable

1.0.32 freeware download

Portable audio encoder for MP3, Ogg Vorbis, BONK, VQF and AAC files

New Version

x264 Video Codec (32bit)

r2901 freeware download

Free library for encoding H264/AVC video streams

New Version


2836 freeware download

Useful and one of the most comprehensive GUI based ISO MPEG-4 solution

New Version

LAME MP3 Encoder

3.100 freeware download

LAME is high quality MPEG Audio Layer III (MP3) encoder licensed under the LGPL

New Version


3.99.5 freeware download

Lame MP3 encoding engine in e.g. VirtualDub, FlasK MPEG etc

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4.17 B2188 freeware download

LameXP is a graphical user-interface for a number of audio encoders

New Version


0.8.57 B5970 freeware download

MediaCoder is a free universal batch media transcoder

New Version

SAM Broadcaster Cloud

2018.10.0 freeware download

Start your own Internet radio station with SAM Broadcaster Cloud - Go from zero

New Version

Turbo C++

3.0 freeware download

This is a free C++ compiler from Borland. It comes with an IDE and debugger

Federal Press Agency

3.76 freeware download

The Federal Press Agency is a SocialBot that can promote your Website on Twitter

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Startup Informer

3.32 freeware download

Startup Informer is an auto SocialMedia manager, your personal digital assistant

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4.50 freeware download

IrfanView - very popular image viewer

5 freeware award

21st century Truck driver

4.04 freeware download

The 21st century Truck driver sells his house, buys old Truck, and drives on.

New Version