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2020-05-09 freeware download

Calculates exchange rates between most of the world's currencies


0.32.0 freeware download

Powerful application for real-time prototyping and coding

Visual Studio Code

1.45.0 freeware download

Lightweight program, reliable programming tools


20.1.2 freeware download

Intended for developers who prefer a graphical user interface


3.8.3 freeware download

Python is a remarkably powerful dynamic programming language


3.57 freeware download

Designed to offer a flexible but easy to use syntax highlighter

Highlight for Linux

3.57 freeware download

Converts sourcecode to HTML, XHTML, RTF, LaTeX, TeX, SVG, BBCode


5.3.2 freeware download

Monitor changes between one source code version and another from any location


0.0.23 freeware download

A highlighting tool to help you with your work with Eclipse

NorthBright CHM Tool freeware download

A program that can decompile CHM files and save current page as HTML/MHT file

RJ TextEd

14.52 freeware download

A text editor that uses syntax highlighting for any type of files

5 freeware award


2.0.6 freeware download

A leakage control system to help you with your work


1.50 freeware download

Designed to help you create and modify PDF documents programmatically


3.6.8 freeware download

A free, web-based bug or issue tracker written using Microsoft SQL Server/MSDE


1.6.0 freeware download

A cross platform sound library for C++, C# and all .NET languages


7.0.494 freeware download

Easy use and high quality program for converting videos for PSP and PC


0.4.0 freeware download

A dynamic, functional programming language

Bitcoin Portable

0.20.0 freeware download

A peer-to-peer electronic cash system with no central mint

New Version


5.5.2 freeware download

Powerful tool for composing, modifying, and transforming text

New Version

SIP Communicator for Mac OS X

2.10.5550 freeware download

SIP Communicator is an audio/video and chat communicator


9.6.0 freeware download

Simple way for anyone to create apps for any platform


4.9.5 freeware download

free source code editor with many unique capabilities


6.3.0 freeware download

An advanced chemical editor for drawing chemical structures, queries


3.3.9 freeware download

SourceTree places the power of Git front and center in an easy-to-use interface

Android NDK

Revision 21d freeware download

Lets you build performance-critical portions of your apps in native code

Android NDK for Linux

Revision 21d freeware download

Lets you build performance-critical portions of your apps in native code

NetSNSOR freeware download

An internet connection checker


7.5 freeware download

Easily integrate Nvidia’s CUDA in your .NET applications

Internet of Things Developer

5.42 freeware download

Calculate an Internet of Things developer business for 48 months

Jaspersoft Studio for Linux

6.13.0 freeware download

A new, free, open source report designer