New freeware reviews

Free Video Editor 7.4.0
Paul Wheeler

(Mar 4, 2018)

I downloaded this having been told it was good. After two days I tried to change the frame size on a video I was joining and was told "Evaluating times of this function exceeded. Please purchase to remove this limit."

If they want to charge, fair enough, but how can they be allowed to call it free?

MergeCDs 2.0

(Feb 24, 2018)

This is great! Thank you!

Switch Audio and Mp3 Converter Free 5.36
Glyn C

(Jan 29, 2018)

Not Freeware just 30 day trial then you have to buy $24.99

Gihosoft Free Android Data Recovery V 8.1.9

(Jan 19, 2018)

After accidentally deleted my SMS and my little son's pictures, the software helps me get back all of them with just a couple of clicks. It is so powerful!

IrfanView 4.444
John Collingwood

(Oct 9, 2017)

I've been using IrfanView since almost "day 1" and have enjoyed "growing with it". I run a photography class for pensioners and they all appreciate the program and its versatility. Once I start them off they are able to experiment without fear and achieve great things with their photos. SO much easier than Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (and cheaper too!) The BEST program for photographers - I call it my electronic darkroom. Thanx Irfan.

The Reverse Experience 2017.08.15

(Aug 27, 2017)

awesome interactive play modes

SocialMedia driven App Developer 2.48

(Aug 27, 2017)

takes a minute to understand it, then great

Predicted Desire 1.96

(Aug 27, 2017)

new version is called Startup Product Manager

Photovoltaic System 2.50

(Aug 27, 2017)

really good and professional calculation for Total Cost and Profit of a PV System

Internet of Things Developer 2.48

(Aug 27, 2017)

excellent approach. wish for a simpler intro

21st century worldwide growth of Forest 2.50

(Aug 27, 2017)

many open ends, but interesting...

zebNet Backup for Chrome Free Edition

(Aug 24, 2017)

Never had such a bad experience with a support team. Stay away from them.

Stormy Website Builder 1.0
mirunda selun

(Aug 1, 2017)

amazing program.
Stormy Website Builder is a free, easy to use website builder and content editor. It comes with full support for SEO, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, EU cookie law, etc.
just amazing!

Turbo C++ 3.0

(Jul 23, 2017)

It's good for me.

CellNet 4.0
Rob Smith

(Mar 27, 2017)

Wow! Something completely different that actually works. With color coded numbering I can now find my stuff lightening fast. Plays music, video, images and also great for categorizing docs, URLS. Can even great your own personal cloud. Full help available within the main program. And all free. Highly recommended

Shift Em Mania

(Mar 21, 2017)

I had a lot of fun playing this game with my sister. It's a simple game with a nice soundtrack/gameplay, easy to play and hard to master.

Ralf Wirtz

(Jan 8, 2017)

That problem was solved. It had something to do with administration rights...

Digital DJ Dance Manager v2016-09-141

(Dec 2, 2016)

The latest version of the Digital DJ Dance Manager (v2016-09-14) is now available - still Free without limitations, advertising or limits. While all other media player remakes are continuing to limit your control and access by forcing you to have to tab or use a crowded screen, DJ shows you how to use your USB ports to expand up to 7 independent control displays as well as linking other computers in a very powerful entertainment network. If the latest version is not available here, go to the Author's Free web site for this and other updates. Enjoy LeadLocater 2.0
Mike Mildred

(Jul 30, 2016)

Good dashboard layout...easy to use.


(Jul 8, 2016)

Amazing! Its speed is superfast. I use it to grab over 1000 piece of data very fast.