New freeware reviews

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator 1.7

(Oct 17, 2023)

Very handy addition to Softperfect Ram Disk app that I have on two computers. It moves browser cache to Ram Disk basically with one button click. Nothing could be simpler!!

iTop Screenshot

(Oct 13, 2023)

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Just Color Picker 5.9

(Oct 8, 2023)

Wonderful tool for selecting and matching colors.

iBoostUp 11.4

(Oct 7, 2023)

Been using for years. Keeps my Mac running good as new. iBoostUp is the best way to cleanmymac and scan for spyware! A+

Just Color Picker 5.9

(Jul 18, 2023)

This is amazingly good color picker. There are so many of apps for picking colors, but this one has all the right features and works really well.

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator 1.7

(Apr 28, 2023)

Super easy to use.

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator 1.7

(Apr 19, 2023)

Works well, easy to use, free. What not to like?

JPEG Lossless Rotator 10.1

(Mar 7, 2023)

Very easy to use and helpful app. When I download photos from my old camera, rotating them is a breeze.

Keyword Extractor Tool For SEO 1.0
pura jama

(Feb 21, 2023)

Great Software. Visit here for support

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator 1.7
Ben Jennings

(Jan 22, 2023)

Quick and easy way to relocate your browser cache to Softperfect Ram Disk.

SSuite NetSurfer Browser 2.06.4

(Oct 2, 2022)

Works just fine, runs incredibly fast. Have not had any problems so far. Love the Ad-Blocker with online update. I now have no more ads to worry about.

SSuite WordGraph Editor 8.48.14

(Oct 2, 2022)

Gotta love this software! does everything and more without hassle :D

DriveHQ FileManager 64-bit 6.0.1060

(Jun 14, 2022)

FileManager is very useful.

WinX DVD Author 6.3.8

(Dec 25, 2021)

Cheap! Watermarked until you pay!

MailsDaddy Free MBOX Viewer 1.0

(Dec 22, 2021)

Powerful solutions opening Mbox file without installing MS Outlook. It was easily installed from my recovery 7, after which I saw the pre-review of the data in a few clicks.

Photovoltaic System 6.94

(Dec 22, 2021)

Professional application with extraordinary Features. Allows for calculation of any kind of PV System. Excellent value for money (Freeware). Pro version allows to create and add your own Target formulas (PV System with Battery).

Just Color Picker 5.6

(Dec 7, 2021)

My favourite colorpicker

SoftPerfect Cache Relocator 1.5

(Dec 7, 2021)

Very handy app

Wind Turbine 6.92
Petra Mayer

(Nov 24, 2021)

Interesting software that allows you to let any Input Parameter rise and fall in time. Wind Turbine contains basically two examples, one physical and one financial calculation for a Wind Turbine. Free version allows you to enter numbers and let values rise and fall in time. Pro version allows you to edit all Formula and create your own variant to calculate your specific Wind Turbine.

Water Supply 6.92

(Nov 24, 2021)

interesting software that allows you to calculate a small business that you can start from home, with cost and profit. Wish for a large Water Reservoir calculation with Reservoir, Dam and Turbines. Pro version allows you to create it yourself, but for the beginner a few more fine-tuned examples would come in handy. Apart from that, great functionality, excellent value for money.