FreeSweetGames Freeware Downloads

FreeSweetGames Backgammon

2.2.40 freeware download

The game of long and short backgammon, it is possible to determine the start pos

FreeSweetGames Cheskers

1.0.40 freeware download

A fascinating mix of Classical chess and Russian checkers.

FreeSweetGames Crossnull

2.3.40 freeware download

This game is a kind of Gomoku or Renju played on a 15 x 15 cell board

FreeSweetGames Deactivator

2.1.40 freeware download

Driving deactivators, restore the safety of the objects, destroying the prouns

FreeSweetGames Domino

1.2.40 freeware download

Defeat the opponents playing dominoes. The winner is a player got win score

FreeSweetGames Durak

3.1.40 freeware download

A popular Russian card game against the 1 - 5 opponents at once.

FreeSweetGames Elastovita

1.2.40 freeware download

Collect artifacts avoiding rivals and the guards and rise to the upper world.

FreeSweetGames Eruditus

1.0.40 freeware download

Overtake three opponents forming longer words and more

FreeSweetGames Expansio

1.0.40 freeware download

Seize control of the planet rich in resources, ahead of opponents

FreeSweetGames Fragments

3.0.40 freeware download

Collect the original shape of the intricate fragments

FreeSweetGames Halma

2.0.40 freeware download

To cause all one's own pieces to occupy the diagonally opponent.

FreeSweetGames Kaleidoscope

2.1.40 freeware download

Collect the original pattern of a kaleidoscope.

FreeSweetGames Magneton

2.0.40 freeware download

Destroy the balls, gathering a critical mass of a single color.

FreeSweetGames Mosaic

3.2.40 freeware download

Moving colored balls, collect them in the line of one color

FreeSweetGames Pairs Parade

2.0.40 freeware download

Find the matching pairs limited to a timer or attempts

FreeSweetGames Pentafall

2.3.40 freeware download

Lay the pentamino blocks in solid lines, ahead of opponent

FreeSweetGames Poker

1.0.40 freeware download

The game object is to win the pot, having collected the best poker combination.

FreeSweetGames Reversi

3.1.40 freeware download

Turn over as many opponent's pieces as possible

FreeSweetGames Rotoroid

2.1.40 freeware download

Fascinating competitions of unusual means of transportation

FreeSweetGames Sclezanka

2.1.40 freeware download

Drive the opponen's pieces into the holes using the piece of your color.