Software Freeware Downloads

Deletion Extension Monitor

1.6 freeware download

Monitor and log files deleted in the system.

Desktop Hunter

1.0 freeware download

Easily capture any region on your desktop

Driver Radar Pro

1.8 freeware download

Permit/deny the loading of kernel mode drivers

Duplicate Lines Remover

1.2 freeware download

Easily delete duplicate lines from files

Easy Email Extractor

1.2 freeware download

Extract email addresses from various sources

Fast Folder Eraser Free

3.8 freeware download

Quickly Delete Folders with Large Number of Files

Fast Raw File Copier Pro

1.5 freeware download

Copy files which generally cannot be copied

File Extension Monitor

1.6 freeware download

Monitor and log files created in the system

Handle Tracer

1.2 freeware download

List, search and manipulate open handles

Hijack Hunter freeware download

Inspect your computer and generate detailed report

MD5 Checksum Tool

4.3 freeware download

A simple to use application that can generate MD5 hashes

NoVirusThanks Anti-Rootkit

1.2 freeware download

Detect and Remove Stealth Malware and Rootkits

NoVirusThanks Connections Viewer

1.1 freeware download

Find out more about the connections in your host machine and manage them

NoVirusThanks File Governor

2.3 freeware download

Easily unlock locked files and folders

NoVirusThanks File Splitter & Joiner

1.6.1 freeware download

Split big files into smaller files

NoVirusThanks MAC Address Changer

1.0 freeware download

Change the MAC Address of any network adapter or restore the original MAC Addres

NoVirusThanks Malware Remover

3.1 freeware download

Remove Trojans, Rogue Software and Spyware

NoVirusThanks Uploader freeware download

Easily Upload Files to Virus Scanner

NPE File Analyzer freeware download

View and Edit 32bit and 64bit Portable Executable (PE) Files

PE Dropper Monitor

1.7 freeware download

Monitor and log files of executable nature (PE files)