Precision software & consulting Freeware Downloads

Backup and Run freeware download

Easy data backup, where the target application itself does not support this.

Database Command Executor

2.3 freeware download

This is a simple utility that can perform SQL commands in your databases

Draw Designer

2.5 freeware download

Free tournament brackets generator with high quality printable output

Mime Tool freeware download

Designed to help you encode / decode texts and files


1.9 freeware download

Standalone interpreter of Pascal Script language, with native support for GUI

Precision Helper

2.0 freeware download

Feature rich help authoring tool, that works natively with Microsoft HHP format


1.0 freeware download

Syntax documentation generator for RemObjects Pascal Script engine


1.2 freeware download

Utility that allows an easy selection, conversion and transformation of data