University of Colorado Freeware Downloads

Faraday's Electromagnetic Lab

2.07 freeware download

Study Faraday's law with the help of this software

Gas Properties

1.0.14/3.15 freeware download

A simulation application to help you study the properties of gas

Ladybug Motion 2D

1.02 freeware download

Study position, velocity and acceleration vectors with the help of this tool

Ladybug Revolution

1.13 freeware download

Analyze rotational motion with the help of this tool


1.05 freeware download

Allows you to analyze how microwaves heat up your coffee


1.02 freeware download

Learn about relationships between moles, liters, and molarity

Radio Waves & Electromagnetic Fields

1.09 freeware download

Analyze electromagnetic fields with the help of this tool

Salts & Solubility

1.08 freeware download

Very easy to use simulation software, enable you to add different salts to water

Sound Waves

2.19 freeware download

Simulate sound waves with the help of this utility

Stretching DNA

2.08 freeware download

Enable you to explore stretching just a single strand of DNA

The Greenhouse Effect

3.04 freeware download

Simulate greenhouse gases effects with the help of this tool

Wave Interference

2.0.12 freeware download

Wave simulations made easy with the help of this tool