Health freeware downloads

Active Life for Win8 UI

freeware download

Monitor diet, medication and exercise separately for each person in your family

BearImuscle freeware download

Custom made of wide range of courses, suitable for all levels of trainers

BMI Calculator

freeware download

Determines your Body Mass Index (BMI) and your ideal weight range


freeware download

Motivate you to stay active, live better, and reach your goals

Gym Guide

freeware download

Lose fat, build muscle or find some new exercises

Health Fit Tips

freeware download

Essential things for balanced diet

HeavenWord Morning & Evening

freeware download

Includes complete audio recordings for each devotional

Indigo Paidos

freeware download

Allows you to monitor the growth and development of infants up to two years

Pregnancy Helper

freeware download

Everything you need to keep your pregnancy on track for you

Woman Calendar

freeware download

Adjustable period and cycle length used for predictions and not just 28/5