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Firefox 3.6 3.6
Peter Newton

(Feb 28, 2010)

This has to be one of the most disappointing browsers ever created, it promises the earth and returns nothing, most of the features that you take for granted in other browsers have been converted into plugins, this is not what i call progress . In trying to solve the multitude of little annoyances that this browser offers, the first thing I noticed is that the online help from Mozilla does not adequately address specific problems that the user is having . One notable problem with 3.6 is that there seems to be no means through which popup sites can be added to the list of undesirable sites that the user wishes to block .
The speeddial feature has been given over to independant developers and has to be installed using an independant plugin and much of the support provided by independant developers is also inadequate . I get the distinct feeling that the more plugins I add, to retrieve the features that I was used to as standard in other browsers, the more there is to fail and the greater the ability to track and infringe the users privacy, further the entire software ensemble starts to resemble a car with bolt on accessories and go faster stripes, where reliability seriously comes into question, and I haven't even touched on tabbed browsing yet, the concept of which is hideous, resizing a tab needs ? yes you guessed it .. another plugin !

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