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My Lockbox 1.2
Neranjan R.

(Apr 20, 2009)

I think Its a very good FREEWARE to protect our folders. But remember to Make SAFEMODE protection. It fails only if someone access the Hard disk from another OS. If its prohibited situation, i think you are almost SAFE.

All the Best

My Lockbox 1.3

(Feb 26, 2009)

Claims to be 'portable', and also inaccessable to others even with admin. rights. Unfortunately this is NOT the case ! If the removable device is assigned a new drive letter (fairly simple procedure with admin. rights), then the 'hidden' folder becomes visible and accessable ! It's a nice idea, shame it doesn't work. My advice: Don't bother with this prog., buy 'Hide Folders'. (Actually got this advice from 'support' when I enquired about solution for this problem !)

My Lockbox 1.2

(Jun 3, 2008)

Simple to use, very effective. Can't fault it so far.

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