PCBest Networks SIP PBX reviews

PCBest Networks SIP PBX V2.09

(Aug 23, 2009)

Personally feel it is the best Windows PBX, because it is simple, straight forward, and very stable. Its free version has many features that only expensive call center PBXs have. You will find it is really useful and helpful for your phone system.

PCBest Networks SIP PBX V2.07

(Aug 11, 2009)

Works excellent, and exceed my expectation with a so small PBX software.
I don't know how they did it. It has less than 10MB disk usuage, but it has full PBX features like ACD, Call Parking, Conference, and RingGroup. The features are all dynamic, and can be set whatever I wanted. Worth to try.

PCBest Networks SIP PBX V2.04

(Aug 2, 2009)

I'm currently evaluating a software pbx which should run on a windows server. Thereby I came across PCBest SIP PBX which I tested in the free edition.
It is easy to setup, resource friendly and seems to run really stable.
So far I'm pleased with it.

PCBest Networks SIP PBX V2.03

(Aug 2, 2009)

Works as expected. No hardware anymore. My office PBX system make my small business looks like a big company.

PCBest Networks SIP PBX V2.01

(Jul 24, 2009)

Working excellent. It is exactly what I am looking for. I build my home office phone system in just minutes, and I can even answer my business calls from my cell phone when I am out. Worth to try!

PCBest Networks SIP PBX V2.01

(Jul 24, 2009)

I have been looking for a free Windows SIP PBX for a long time. PCBest's SIP PBX make it so easy to set up a small office telephony system in just 5 minutes. I just need to got a SIP account from one of ITSPS, and set the account into PCBest PBX, then it helps me answer the calls automatically. It has all the expensive features that traditional hardware PBX has, like ACD, Ring Group, Call Parking, Pickup Group, even conference, but they can all be dynamically defined and routed, without any limitation. I would suggest everyone to try it.

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