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Personal Video Database

(Feb 17, 2010)

The best application I've used for organizing movies. It has everything that others don't:
- getting movie title from folder name and not only filename,
- synchronization with my movies folder(s) - it scans selected folders for new movies and adds them into library,
- playing movies directly from program
- screenshots generator,
- movie information downloading from every possible movie service
- cover dowloading
- identifying multi-disc movies,
- portable version available (you can install ptogram onto external disc on which you have your movies and then you can run the application wherever you connect the disc)

Personal Video Database

(May 19, 2008)

The best movie database at any priceā€¦

A powerful and reliable relational database of movies and the people associated with them. Well designed and feature rich. Imported my existing collection with ease. Unattended, downloaded all the IMDb information I wanted. Interface is well thought-out with an easy-to-read presentation, using collapsible fields and good image management. Extensive filtering, grouping, and sorting capability. Excellent filmography, awards and TV series management. Highly configurable. Expandable with import and export plug-ins. Well supported via an active discussion board, where the developer is very responsive to users.

...And it's FREE!

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