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Starport Galactic Empires 1.496

(Apr 28, 2009)

I got the version wrong - it updates quite often.
Also the forums are good, take a look.

Starport Galactic Empires 1.1440

(Apr 28, 2009)

Very good addictive game. Paying cash (admiral's tokens) can help but it is not necessary, skill and experience are the killers. You start with nothing on a server and in most cases you can grow. Yes you will die, yes you will lose your colonies but after a while that stops because you get better. You can join corporations (4-6 strong normal) and play within a team, but the top corps wont take you if it looks like you can't play (can you blame them?). I have heard that cheating is a problem, but I haven't seen it. Some things look like it but in truth the players are just much better than you.
Start with the beginner re-bangs - (you don't know enough about the game not to - believe me) learn to make money from trading then build a colony, it will need resources and people and defense. Build it as big as you can and defend it as well as you can (t will take 125 defenses use them all together with a solar cannon otherwise you WILL lose it) - this will take a few days, then you get better and it takes less lime. Build more colonies, get more weapons, get better, die a lot and learn to fight other players and invade their colonies. After a while you are one of the vets, the experience points mean nothing, it is just a good way to send time. - One day I may get there.

Starport Galactic Empires 1.1440

(Oct 29, 2008)

If you consider "work" fun, play this.
Don't wast your time. Good game in concept, but elite players/cheaters ruin it for EVERYONE. New servers are started all the time, but these players kill it off within a few weeks. The admins have no answer for this. Any comments about the game not being fair are absolutely true. I played this for about a year and did very well with it, but got tired of the idiots who killed vets like myself and newbies alike. The game became more like work than a game!

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