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Ultra Core Protector 6.3

(Sep 13, 2010)

Don't install this, it's incompatible with many installations of windows 7, vista and xp.
He should make this compatible even with modificated systems, like all the professional anti-cheaters, like gameguard or playsafe.
A lot of people have problem with "modificated version windows" and the only thing UCP developer suggests is to reinstall your system.
What a BS. Reinstall system for one anti-hack to work? That is ridiculous.
DO NOT USE THIS anti-hack if you don't want to loose many players on your servers.
A lot of people with brand new installations of operating systems of microsoft and hdd scanned by several online and normal antivirus programs still can't play because of this crap protection.

============ WARNING! ============


You will loose players on your server if you do. Many people say it works and I believe them, but so many people also say it RUINED THEIR GAME because they couldn't play anymore with this anti-hack EVEN THOUGH THEY ARE NORMAL, HONEST, FAIR PLAYERS.

============ WARNING! ============

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