mandelbrot set freeware downloads

Mandelbrot Explorer

3.4 freeware download

A free Mandelbrot and Julia Set explorer with many features: (i) save regions being ...


1.38 freeware download

Mandelx is a very fast fractal generator that uses highly optimized assembly routines for calculations (multithreaded). Mandelx runs best on AMD processors. While the precision is ...

Fractal Photographer

freeware download

Have you ever seen the Mandelbrot Set? If not, then this app will allow you ... shape as diverse and as mesmerizing as the Mandelbrot. After you've seen this, you will ...


2.0 freeware download

... life. The FractalTraveller allows you to explore the Mandelbrot set via Microsoft Excel. Tab by tab tips walk ...

HS Fractal Draw

0.71 freeware download

... famous fractals. With this application you can draw Mandelbrot set Julia and many others in high resolution and ...

Mandelbrot Explorer

3.0 freeware download

Mandelbrot Explorer is Freeware software, allowing the exploration of the Mandelbrot Set and the Julia Sets. With it, you can ... more besides. Enjoy exploring the website of Mandelbrot Explorer – and then enjoy exploring the Mandelbrot ...

Computer Screen Saver

20.07.24 freeware download

... the customizable features that can be configured to set the work time, break time and even set your favorite music to be played. Press F8