Databases & Tools freeware downloads


6.1.5 freeware download

Free database export tool

Dataedo Free

5.2.8 freeware download

Database Documentation Tool, Data Dictionary for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and m


8.6.5 freeware download

BaseX is a compact and high-performance XML Database and XPath/XQuery Processor.


4.7.3 freeware download

A tool that handles the basic administration of MySQL over the Web.


8.1 freeware download

SAND CDBMS is an analytics relational database optimized for ad hoc SQL queries

Q-Eye Portable QVD/QVX files Editor freeware download

Portable Freeware QlikView QVD/QVX files editor

Q-Eye QVD/QVX files Editor (32 Bit) freeware download

Freeware QlikView QVD/QVX files editor

Open-E Data Storage Software V7 4TB SOHO

7.00 up60 23822 freeware download

Open-E DSS V7 SOHO is a free data storage management OS with NAS/SANĀ features.

ApexSQL Complete

2017.06 freeware download

Auto-complete code for SQL Server. Integrates into SSMS and MSVS

Q-Eye QVD/QVX files Editor (64 Bit) freeware download

Freeware QlikView QVD/QVX files editor

Altova Authentic Enterprise Edition

2017r3sp1 freeware download

Altova Authentic is an advanced WYSIWYG content editor for XML and databases.

5 freeware award

HissenIT Masterdata

1.0 freeware download

Software for easy master data management

Reportizer Viewer

5.0.8 freeware download

Reportizer Viewer is a free database reporting utility


9.6.3 freeware download

PostgreSQL is a powerful, open source relational database system


1.0 freeware download

Search and export to CSV. Does one job, quickly, easily and with

SSuite Office MonoBase freeware download

Create, administrate, and connect to any relational or flat file database.

5 freeware award

FlowHeater freeware download

Import/export of CSV, XLS, XML, SQL from/to different sources and formats

Reports Wizard

3.0.2 freeware download

Easy way to create reports with data from your IBM Lotus Notes applications.

DbMouse FREE

6.4.1 freeware download

Modern ribbon-based data manipulation tool

SQL Fragmentation Analyzer freeware download

Analyze fragmentation by single table or individual databases.

MySQL Query Explorer freeware download

Monitor and tune MySQL queries.

SQL XEvent Profiler freeware download

Gain SQL Server XEvent efficiency.

SQL Query Store Optimizer freeware download

Optimize SQL Server Query Store performance.

SQL Instance Check

1.1.5983.41990 freeware download

Discover SQL Servers and check for version updates.

SQL Hekaton Memory Check freeware download

Monitor the performance of SQL Server memory-optimized tables.