Active X freeware downloads


2.0 freeware download

Simple tool to register ActiveX dll & ocx files with a Windows interface.

TreeVu ActiveX Control 32bit

1.3 freeware download

TreeVu ActiveX Control for building, editing, and displaying trees.

5 freeware award


3.2 freeware download

SMTP and POP3 Windows Component for VB .NET, CSharp .NET, C++ and more


4.2 freeware download

Network component for Windows, VB.NET, VC#.NET, Delphi, ASP .NET, C++ and more.

Mozilla ActiveX Control

1.7.12 freeware download

An API close as possible to Internet Explorer's for ease of porting

DMFitter ActiveX control freeware download

Linear and nonlinear (Levenberg-Marquardt) curve fitting engine

5 freeware award


1 freeware download

WinSpy++ Style ActiveX Component for Visual Basic 6, and other COM clients.

newObjects ActiveX Pack1 family freeware download

Over 60 components: file access, script host, threads, database engine etc.

AXGate freeware download

Script unsafe ActiveX in Pocket IE without security risk

SQLite COM freeware download

Full embedded SQL database engine in a single ActiveX