Canadian Mind Products Freeware Downloads


2.4 freeware download

Streamlined replacement forStringBuilder

File I/O Amanuensis

6.2 freeware download

Generates sample Java code to do 617 types of I/O.


1.7 freeware download

FindParked finds links on your website that point to a parked website.


1.1 freeware download

Find all instances of a file or wildcard in the current directory tree


1.0 freeware download

Prints a greeting card on 8.5x11 half-fold card stock.

Holiday Calculator

5.2 freeware download

Calculate when 69 holidays occur in any given year.

InWords Amanuensis

4.6 B9436 freeware download

Java code to converts number to words in any of 24 languagues

MASM Balancer

1.3 B9461 freeware download

Reliable utility designed to find unbalanced MASM segment/ends


1.1 freeware download

MASMTidy tidies MASM *.asm assembler source, aligning it in four columns

Mini PAD Submitter

26.1 freeware download

Submitter will submit your PAD *.xml program descriptor file to 69 PADsites.

Password Generator

1.9 freeware download

Generates random passwords that are hard to guess.

PGP Keywords

1.0 B9461 freeware download

Interconverts PGP hex and keyword format public keys


1.5 freeware download

PowCost calculates how much electicity costs for various simple tasks.


1.0 freeware download

Replaces a delimited chunk of text in a file with a delimited chunk of text


1.1 B9434 freeware download

CMP's purpose is to stand up for the rights of plants and animals


1.1 freeware download

It speeds up your browser when it looks up a website.

Quoter Amanuensis

5.5 freeware download

Converts text with many possible cleanups and transformations.

Quoter Amanuensis

5.5 B9580 freeware download

Converts text with many possible cleanups and transformations


1.1 freeware download

Checks that .png, .jpg, .jpeg, .gif and files are the size in pixels you expect.

SiteMap For Google

1.9 freeware download

Prepare Spidering Sitemap for Google and other search engines.