Music Composers freeware downloads

123 Acoustic Guitar Tuner

1 freeware download

123 Acoustic Guitar Tuner helps you tune your instrument

4 Chord Songs

1.0 freeware download

Select four chords, choose a music style and play along with your backing track.


1.0 freeware download

With the help of this easy to use app you can tune 5 string instruments.

Acoustica Basic Edition

6.0 B19 freeware download

A comprehensive audio editor for recording, editing, mixing and mastering

New Version

AmpliTube 3 Free Custom Shop

3.5.1 freeware download

AmpliTube 3 Free Custom Shop. Your New Tone Shop Plug-in

AnalogX Arpeg

1.04 freeware download

Rhythmic MIDI note/volume control

AnalogX Audio Arpeg

1.21 freeware download

DirectX plugin that for rhythmic volume fx

AnalogX BitPolice

1.03 freeware download

DirectX plugin that analyzes audio data

AnalogX Bound

1.01 freeware download

DirectX plugin that clamps samples

AnalogX DCOffset

1.02 freeware download

DirectX audio plugin corrects DC offset

AnalogX DXPad

1.05 freeware download

DirectX plugin notepad

AnalogX Gate

1.01 freeware download

DirectX plugin for gate effect

AnalogX Mouse Mod

1.04 freeware download

MIDI modulator using mouse input

AnalogX Phase

1.01 freeware download

DirectX plugin for phase change

AnalogX Rhyme

1.24 freeware download

Free easy to use rhyming dictionary

AnalogX SampleSlide

1.04 freeware download

DirectX plugin to shift channels in time

AnalogX SayIt

2.04 freeware download

Simple speech synthesizer

AnalogX Scratch

1.06 freeware download

Scratch audio samples like a DJ

AnalogX Vocoder

1.02 freeware download

Very popular robot/vocal effect


1.1 freeware download

Virtual synthesizer plugin specialized in vocal choir pads. A must for ambient !

Anti-Spam Software software solution

2.0 freeware download

This is anti-spam software that is a great anti spam solution. Get back at spam

ARPTON SF Synthesizer Arpeggiator Player

3.1 freeware download

ARPTON SF Synthesizer Arpeggiator Player turns PC into musical instrument.

New Freeware


2.14 freeware download

Manage your WDM audio devices on older versions of Windows

New Version

Auto Music Composer Light

1.0 freeware download

Auto Music Composer Light makes a music that is very comfortable.

5 freeware award


1.0 freeware download

Play the balalaika chords right away - no experience required!