Calculators & Converters freeware downloads

Sicyon calculator

5.4.1 freeware download

Sicyon = scientific calculator + database + units converter + solver + curve-fit

5 freeware award


1.1.4 freeware download

Converts easily between different currencies, includes automatic updates

ONEKEY PDF Convert to JPG Personal

1.1.0 freeware download

Easy to convert PDF documents to the other image formats with high quality.

InchPro Decimal

1.0.0 freeware download

InchPro Decimal convert inches into all units of measurement and back

USPS Postage Rates and Tracking

1.0 freeware download

Free USPS Postage Rates Calculator and Delivery Confirmation Tracking


6.02 freeware download

The freeware CONVERT from Killetsoft converts dBase, CSV and SDF data bases.

Engineer General Tools

1.2 freeware download

Equation calculations,unit conversions,chemistry info 4000+ chemical compounds.


5.2.1 freeware download

Comment, save and change your calculations anywhere

Free accounting online line calculator

1.04 freeware download

Counting list of lines containing the math values or expressions.


2.0 freeware download

With only a few clicks to the right printer + printing-cost calculator.

Precise Calculator

2.6 freeware download

High precision scientific calculator for Windows.

MHS Financial Calculators freeware download

Calculate your investments and loans

Jack Free Calculator

1.2 freeware download

Cool Windows calculator with editable tape, excelent for everyday use

Voice Calculator

1.0.6 freeware download

Calculator with voice input for everyday use for Android devices

Mortgage Calculator by

1.0.0 freeware download

Mortgage Calculator is a program for calculating mortgage repayments.


2.2 freeware download

Lease finance calculator for the Leasing Professional.

FinanceQA Mortgage Calculator

1.0 freeware download

FinanceQA releases a mortgage calculator to calculate monthly mortgage payments.


2.5 freeware download

Customizable equipment lease finance calculator for the Leasing Professional.

UTFCast Express freeware download

UTFCast is a tool lets you batch convert all text files to UTF-8 encoding.

Age Calculator .Net

1.0 freeware download

Age Calculator allows you to know your age in years, months, weeks, days.

Calculator Timbru Auto 2014

1.0.3 freeware download

Car tax calculator for Romanian car registration.

Resistance Color Code Calculator

1.0 freeware download

This software calculates resistor value from it's given color code.

Heat Duty Calculator

1.0.0 freeware download

Calculate the heat duty for sensible and latent heat transfer with this freeware

Pumping Power Calculator

3.0 freeware download

Calculates the pump power of fluids. This calculator supports two different unit

Unit Conversions 2000

2.7 freeware download

Quickly convert units of measure from one system to another