Desktop freeware downloads

SunsetScreen Portable

1.34 freeware download

Helps take the glare off your your screen in the evening

Screenshot on PC freeware download

Free screen capture tool.

Synergy for Mac

1.8.8 freeware download

Share single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

Synergy for Linux

1.8.8 freeware download

Share single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

HD Virtua Girl

3.1.15 freeware download

Exclusive HD Virtua Girl content, hottest babes dancing on your PC desktop

Ditto Portable freeware download

A free and useful extension to the standard Windows clipboard


2.8.8i.208 freeware download

A desktop utility that brings nature sounds closer

Virtual Girls Download

5.3.32 freeware download

Letting the Virtual Girls Download to strip on your desktop while you're working

DS Clock (64-bit)

4.2 freeware download

Synchronize your time with atomic time servers using customizable desktop clock.

TCC/LE 64-bit

14.00.9 freeware download

A powerful replacement for CMD.EXE, the Windows command processor

Girl Virtual

4.8.21 freeware download

Get The Stunning Girl Virtual App Today and make that PC screen come alive!

My Daily Wallpaper

7.00 freeware download

Download and change your desktop wallpaper

Eusing Clock

3.0 freeware download

Eusing Clock is a beautiful looking and fully customizable world alarm clock.


4.52 freeware download

A screen zoom and annotation tool for technical presentations

Font Awesome

5.10.2 freeware download

Gives you scalable vector icons that can instantly be customized

Privacy Hide

2.3 freeware download

Hide specific applications from the computer screen with a single keystroke


7.62 freeware download

Save and restore your desktop icon positions with DesktopOK


5.66 freeware download

"The Aero Clock", the desktop clock with alpha transparency

Right Click Enhancer

4.5.6 freeware download

Edit your right click menu in the way you want

Virtua Girl Free

4.3.19 freeware download

Virtual Girl Free - virtual, but realistic and hottest girls available on PC

Virtual Girlfriend App

2020.3.4 freeware download

Pamper yourself with the Virtual Girlfriend App, a girlfriend of your dreams.

magayo WET (Weather, Exchange rate, Time)

1.0.2 freeware download

Weather app with animated weather icons, currency exchange rates and world time

Stripping Babes 4K

4.3.12 freeware download

Sexy strippers are waiting to dance for you on Stripping Babes 4K

Virtual Girl PC

3.21.52 freeware download

Download Virtual Girl PC for direct access to shows from hot, eager sexystars!


1.13.2 freeware download

It's a timer app with strong expansibility for computers.