Delphi freeware downloads


17.07.23 freeware download

Delphi function, procedure, and class library. Includes documentation.

ForevalZ freeware download

ForevalZ-compiler of mathematical expressions (math parser & compiler x86-32 )

Foreval freeware download

Foreval-compiler of mathematical expressions (math parser & compiler x86-32 )

LinLocalize Admin

1.5.2 freeware download

This program for translating the resources of Delphi executables

Visual Pascal

1.32 freeware download

Small tool for Delphi and Pascal programmers.

AidAim SQLMemTable

8.00 freeware download

SQLMemTable is a fast and easy-to-use in-memory table and query components

Core Temp reader for Delphi

1.1 freeware download

Core Temp shared memory reader for Delphi

OpenWire Editor VCL

5.0.3 freeware download

OpenWire VCL/FireMonkey Graphical Editor IDE Plug-In

Unicode MySQL ADO Tutorial for Beginners

1.0 freeware download

Delphi Unicode MySQL ADO Tutorial for Beginners.

Data Master 2003 VCL freeware download

Display and visually edit numeric data using plot and worksheet components

5 freeware award


4.3 freeware download

Generate Random Numbers to fit Probability Distribution - Full Delphi Source

Active Query Builder Free Edition

1.13 freeware download

Free SQL query builder component - best solution for beginners and professionals

VSTO Support for Delphi Prism Wizard

1.0 freeware download

Develop VSTO-based application-level extensions for Office in Delphi Prism.


2.34 freeware download

Free reporting tool component. Consists of report engine, designer and preview


4.0 freeware download

The abfComponents product is a base part of the ABF Visual Components Library.


3.0.5 freeware download

Speller is designed for Delphi: Add spell check capability to any application.

Wave Player

2.11 freeware download

Delphi class to play wave and mpeg1 audio files.


1.0.2 freeware download

PrintDialogEx contains an extended Print Dialog component for Delphi.


1.0.0 freeware download

Unicode enabled Find/Search-Replace dialog components for Delphi

5 freeware award