Web Development freeware downloads


3.1.0 freeware download

WonderCMS is the smallest flat file CMS. Free and open source


2019-12 freeware download

An open-source Java IDE and platform for rich client applications

Maple4 Site Creator

6.5.4 freeware download

A tool for automatic generation of a site on in advanced developed forms

Microsoft Expression Web

4.0.1460.0 freeware download

Create modern standards-based Web sites

ApPHP DataValidator free control

2.2.0 freeware download

ApPHP DataValidator is a simple lightweight data validation tool.

5 freeware award

PHP Generator for MySQL

14.10 freeware download

A Windows GUI utility for MySQL PHP programming.

CuteRank Keyword Ranking Tool

3.5.8 freeware download

Check and track multiple keyword rankings on multiple search engines, Free!

AfterLogic WebMail Lite PHP

8.3.16 freeware download

Very fast and open source webmail front-end for PHP

Holiday Calculator

5.2 freeware download

Calculate when 69 holidays occur in any given year.


2.4.0 freeware download

An Open Source web application framework written in PHP


16.1.1 freeware download

A complete software package that allows the use of the dynamic language PHP

MSI Installers for Java

8.241 freeware download

MSI Installers for Java Client


3.9.18 freeware download

Joomla! - the dynamic portal engine and content management system

Orchard Metro Theme

0.6.0 freeware download

A cool and flexible multi-zone theme based on Modern UI concepts

Adobe Edge Reflow CC

0.51.17180 Prev freeware download

Create awesome designs using CSS like never before

HttpMaster Express

4.7.1 freeware download

Debugging and testing tool for HTTP applications, web services, and websites

Kasa WP Plugin

0.1 freeware download

This is only a boilerplate wordpress plugin. It is only a starting point.

PHP Directy Framework Script

1.0.1 freeware download

Directy CMF cross-platform content management framework


1.7 freeware download

FindParked finds links on your website that point to a parked website.


6.1 freeware download

GUI for database changes, data editing, SQL queries and more

Copy Protect Video Plugin for WordPress

1.0 freeware download

This plugin enables the insertion of CopySafe Video files into WordPress posts


12.1 freeware download

WEB Visits Generator, portable, for influencers and webmasters


3.0.3 freeware download

Determine colors and find matching colors

CoronaVirus Tracker Script

v0.1 freeware download

Coronavirus Tracker Script. HTML / JavaScript example with source code and API.


1.2.7 freeware download

Analyze Apache Web server logs, web statistics program for your web server logs.