Windows UWP Apps freeware downloads

Easy Password

freeware download

Quickly generate a random password

Currency Converter

freeware download

Get accurate and up-to-the-minute currency conversion rates

Fresh Paint

3.1.10383.0 freeware download

Creative and explore your imagination with realistic paint.

New Version


2.5 freeware download

Solve problems related to economy, science and military politics

SSuite Online Office

2.4.2 freeware download

Cross-platform browser based professional office suite.

New Freeware
5 freeware award


freeware download

Edit your photo from Windows 8 device.


1.03 build 021 freeware download

Make VoIP calls from your Windows PC or Tablet

iScan Fly

freeware download

Simple and graphical interface made easy for all ages and levels

Zeal Player

freeware download

Easy to use and best for touch screen Windows 8 devices


1.2 freeware download

Share from other apps and easily add text effects

Speed The Card Game

1.0.2 freeware download

A game for two players of the shedding family of card games

Taptitude Unlimited

11.2 freeware download

Collect all 400 stars, or compete online with realtime, weekly


freeware download

Feel the power at your fingertips to win beauty


freeware download

Listen to over 22 million songs for free - any artist, any genre, anytime

FrogSling2 Free

freeware download

Experience new challenges, beautiful graphics and exciting levels

Image Grabber for Win8 UI

freeware download

Grabs images from websites and stores them locally for you to keep forever

Pin-a-note for Win8 UI

freeware download

Allows you to store your notes in this fantastic application

Island Tribe 2

freeware download

Get ready for new adventures in the second part

The Chess Lv.100

freeware download

100 adjustable playing levels based on the engine

Primetime TV

1.5 freeware download

Best companion app for keeping track of all your favorite TV shows

YeauLee Photography

freeware download

Read and commend on articles

Word Twirl

freeware download

A fast paced online word game competition

Sudoku Touch for Win8 UI

freeware download

Full support for all view types, screen sizes and resolutions

Notepad Classic for Win8 UI

freeware download

Tweak all the display settings: Colours, fonts, sizes, bold, word wrap!


freeware download

Answer as many questions as you can before the time runs out