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Resonic is a slick audio player and browser / directory player, built around a big waveform view/frequency analyzer. It plays music files, sounds, and samples out of existing folder structures. It's built to be fast, reliable, and powerful, without the bloat, but with exceptional usability.

Author Liqube Audio
Released 2017-08-02
Filesize 11.35 MB
Downloads 2436
OS Windows 10, Win10, Windows 8.1, Win8.1, Windows 8, Win8, Windows 7, Windows 7
Installation Install and Uninstall
Keywords mp3, mp4, player, music, browser, sample, manager, sample, browser, music, player, audio, player, media, multimedia, directory, folder, samples, windows, wave, waveform, library, analyzer, spectrum
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0.8.9b Aug 2, 2017 Beta Release Summary:
- This release updates both Player and Pro, and introduces the first set of Pro features for batch
processing ('Batch Targets'), a what-you-hear recording feature (record button), it improves
the musical spectrum, adds metadata support for MIDI files, adds basic CART metadata support
for radio automation users, lets you start different copies (not instances) of Resonic
at the same time, and comes with many bug fixes.

New Features:
- Pro: Batch Targets feature (batch processing.) Fixed copy/move/decode/convert target folders can be created in the new right sidebar
(which can be toggled with F6, analogous to the left sidebar and F4) by dragging folders
onto the 'Targets' tab. Each target can receive files and folders for whatever action is assigned to it. Additional conversion options are available through the right-click menu, ranging from
simple copy/move to audio decoding (to .wav), sample format conversion (bit depth,
sample rate, channel count). Targets are accessible from the (new) right sidebar (through F6, or the button in the status bar),
which is shown by default on first start of a fresh installation. More features are to be added in future versions. See for more information.
- Pro: Recording feature ('what you hear'.) Press the record button (transport bar) to record what is currently being played through Resonic,
including pitch shifting, volume, seeking, live looping, and slice triggering via keyboard keys. Recorded audio is stored as .wav files in the 'Recorded Audio' folder in the Resonic user
profile (in user 'Documents') which is also directly accessible through the browser. Click the status message after recording to start playing the file directly. This feature is intended to be used for sound design, creative idea finding, or as an audio sketch pad. To use recording you must use either a WASAPI or ASIO device for playback. See for more information.
- Pro: Musical spectrum and its note/octave estimation have been reduced to a more
useful range of keys (C0..G8), bar scaling has been updated, bars are now colored
by average intensity, and fading peak hold has been added.
- Pro: Standard MIDI files are now fully integrated into the Resonic meta core,
estimating MIDI file duration, reading copyright, timed markers with labels,
musical key (first key signature change), track count (non-empty tracks),
MIDI format (0, 1, or 2), pattern count (for format 2 files), PPQ, and tempo in BPM. If there are multiple tempo changes in a file an average tempo will be displayed
in the file list, and the BPM will be put in brackets. As a special feature Resonic also displays the number of unique instrument patches
used in the MIDI file in the 'Instrument Count' column.
- Pro: Added 'Cropped Audio' to browser to quickly access this standard folder in the
Resonic user profile (in user 'Documents'.)
- Pro: Crop progress display in status bar,
for both the "Crop selection" and the "Crop selection and play" feature.
- Pro: Added right-click menu to A-B button for a few selection commands. Note that the Play, Stop, and Headphones buttons also have their own right-click menus.
- Pro: The current mouse-selected region in the waveform is now automatically saved before
it is modified or cleared, which means you won't accidentally lose the the region. The last region can be restored by right-clicking the A-B button, or through the marker
button menu, using "Restore last selection." If a region already exists and a new one is created this feature toggles between
the last one and the current one. This feature is also available as a global hotkey.
- Pro: Much improved behavior of "Crop selection and play" feature (renders the selected
waveform region to a new audio file and starts playing it): Before the new (cropped) file starts playing the selected waveform region is cleared,
the current pitch settings (semitones/cents) are cleared, and the loop button
is enabled (repeating the new file.) Note that the last selected region can now also be restored through the marker
menu, or by right-clicking the A-B button ("Restore last selection".)
- Pro: New global hotkey for "Loop on/off", which toggles single-file repeat.
- Pro: AIFF metadata improvements, and reading comment chunks.
- It is now possible to run different copies of Resonic Pro and Player at the same time
as long as the database paths are different. You could for example start a portable Player, a portable Pro, another portable Pro,
and a regularily installed Pro in parallel. Starting the same copy multiple times is not supported yet; it was removed
during the Alpha to Beta rework for database stability reasons.
- You can now CTRL-C the version information when the about dialog is open.
- Headphones crossfeed presets (BS2B); right-click the headphones button
to access them. (#1224)
- New item in column popup menu to quickly hide the clicked column.
- Pro: Metadata support for compressed AIFF files (.aifc).
- Added indication of floating point files in bit depth column (using an 'f', e.g., "32f")
- Pro: Additional metadata support for AES CART chunks.
Available via columns: artist, title, category, cut id, client id, comment.
- Pro: Metadata support for Scott Studios (SS32) Wave files, used in radio automation
and broadcast systems. Available via columns: artist, title, cut id, comment. Available via waveform: intro end position, segue position.
(suggested: G. Zlot)
- Pro: Segue (track transition in radio automation), intro markers, and other CART triggers
are now read from CART/SS32 metadata and displayed in Resonic's waveform as a dashed line.
- Pro: Addtional metadata support for BSI Wave files (Broadcast Software International),
used in radio automation and broadcast systems. Available via columns: recording year, agency (as copyright), copyright / record label / publisher
(as publisher), copy / notes (as subject), genre, music key, composer, album, tempo in bpm,
and track number. Available via waveform: hook start position.
- Pro: Added new broadcast columns "Cut Number ID" and "Client ID" (CART).
- Essential fixes from the last Pro release were ported to Resonic Player.
- Utility feature to resize main window to a fixed size, offering a selection of preset sizes,
which assists in making videos or screenshots of a certain size.
(see 'Menu | Advanced | Resize main window'.)

- File list items appear faster when pasted (using the CTRL-V shortcut.)
- Faster startup with bookmarks that point to mapped network drives, or network locations.
- Folders can be moved and deleted more reliably as they are unlocked more intelligently
when necessary, e.g., during drag and drop move in browser.
- More detailed information in column popup menu. It's also easier to find the clicked column and its metadata group
which both now appear in bold.
- Opus decoder updated to libOpus 1.2.1 for reduced CPU usage during decoding.
- MIDI renderer now more resilient in handling invalid XG sysex messages.
- Some file list copy/paste improvements and fixes.

- Pro: Playback of REX2 mono files. (reported: the3ug3reeder)
- Fixed taskbar quick controls (buttons) disappearing after a while on Windows 10.
- Aborting a metadata scan in folders with lots of files could make one CPU core hang
at a hundred percent usage. (reported: A. Tchernychov)
- Corrected several drag & drop related issues in the browser.
- Pro: Fixed error message shown on every key press when ''Map temporary slices to letter keys''
is enabled (for fast slice auditioning) and there are no temporary slices set.
0.8.7b Apr 19, 2017 Beta New Features:
- Pro: Playback and metadata support for RF64 Wave files (MBWF, BWF Wave, Broadcast Wave). RF64 Wave files are RIFF Wave files (both are .wav) that can go past the 2GB
file size limit, but cannot be read by legacy players. These files are typically created by modern applications that need to be able
to create very large files, e.g. Steinberg Cubase automatically creates RF64/MBWF
.wav files on export if the file size exceeds 2GB.
- Pro: Now reads and plays BWF Wave files with .bwf extensions.
- Pro: Project, Scene, Take, and Tape columns that correspond with
iXML metadata embedded in audio files. (#1187)
- Pro: Heavily improved support for Soundminer metadata embedded in
WAV, AIFF, and MP3 files.
- Resonic now supports WavPack hybrid correction files (.wvc). In hybrid compression mode WavPack creates pairs of .wv/.wvc files,
and while the resulting .wv file is lossy the accompanying (but optional) .wvc file
can be used to complete missing information for lossless playback. Resonic will look for a .wvc file in the .wv file's path. Thanks to the author of WavPack, David Bryant, for pointing this out!
- Auto-closing popup menus now also fade out.
- Browser now automatically expands collapsed folders after a short delay
when dragging something onto them.
- Browser now automatically scrolls while dragging something into it.
- Pro: Create temporary slices from slice metas,
i.e. from slices stored in the metadata of certain filetypes, when available.
- When using WASAPI as output device (recommended) and the active device is disconnected
or disabled Resonic will first shut down playback and then the device itself,
and finally show a warning.
- A transparent overlay is now shown between main window and dialogs (e.g. preferences)
and message or input boxes to focus the attention. This feature can be disabled via 'Menu | Interface'.

- Bigger and more readable fonts for waveform playback position (orange),
and waveform/analyzer/spectrum/level meter mouse position (blue). (#1165)
- Pro: Showing detailed timecode while making selections (SHIFT),
and when snapped to markers, slices, or the loop start/end positions.
- Flac decoder updated to libFlac 1.3.2, fixed previous release's issues.
- Popup menu fixes and usability improvements.
- Drag & drop improvements.
- Pro: Raised level meter channel limit to 64. (#1173)
- Much faster loading of large MIDI files (e.g. 'Black MIDI')
- Pro: Reading additional meta data for several formats, e.g. tempo column (bpm)
is now calculated based on other available information if possible.
- Waveform drawing improvements for multichannel files.
- Pro: Bigger asynchronous file read buffer, worth the little extra memory use.
- Recently changed created/accessed/modified dates now show up more descriptively
as 'Today' and 'Yesterday'. (#1182)
- Browser is updated faster when creating new folders.

- Fixed track advance not working with DirectSound (DS) output devices.
(reported: OMG1908)
- Fixed broken file list column order in certain situations.
- Fixed file list issues when deleting files.
- Maximized main window was not being restored when exited in minimized state.
0.8.6b Mar 27, 2017 Beta Release Summary:
- This releases introduces vertical waveform zoom, audio extraction improvements,
and several right-click menus (stop/play/pause) to Resonic Pro. It also fixes a few pressing issues (track advance, tray, device selection)
in both Resonic Player and Pro.

New Features:
- Pro: Vertical waveform zoom. Drag the button next to the volume bar ('1.0') up and down or use the mouse wheel
to change the vertical zoom factor; click it to reset the zoom.
- Popup menus now automatically close when you move the mouse away from them
for improved usability. This option can be toggled via 'Menu | Interface'.
- Pro: New sample rate conversion (SRC) quality settings for audio extraction:
high/higher/maximum, or 64/128/256-bit sinc interpolation respectively. See marker button menu 'Extraction format.'
- Pro: New sampling rate settings for audio extraction: 88.2 kHz and 96 kHz. See marker button menu 'Extraction format.'
- Pro: New bit depth setting for audio extraction: 8-bit. See marker button menu 'Extraction format.'
- Pro: Solid waveform background, which is the default Pro style now
(see 'Menu | Visualization | Waveform style').
- Resonic can now be closed regardless of the 'Close to tray' setting (force close)
by using CTRL-ALT-F4, in addition to the regular ALT-F4.
- Info bar now shows additional information for DSD files (.dsf/.dff).
- Pro: Right-click menu for stop button. Lets you fade out and stop the current track, or disable fade outs on stop
for immediate stop behavior. (suggested: PHM) (#434)
- Pro: Right-click menu for play/pause buttons. Lets you disable fades on pause for immediate pause/unpause behavior,
and disable the temporary dimming feature accessed by holding down the SPACE key
while playing which makes it more reactive. (#999)
- When the filter panel is open (CTRL-F, or F3) the F3 key can now be used to cycle
through the filtered results just like in a text editor. Use SHIFT-F3 to reverse the cycle order.

- Pro: Default sample rate conversion quality set to maximum (256-bit sinc.)
- Subtle highlighting of black keys in musical spectrum. Note that the Pro version shows the key names (e.g. 'C# 3') on mouse hover as well.
- Pro: Showing lines separating individual channels ('channel lines') by default
(see 'Menu | Visualization | Waveform style').
- Pro: Improved text visibility for pitch buttons.
- Selected audio devices are saved immediately upon selection now.
(reported: noisyjohn)

- Automatic track advance sometimes failed when using a WASAPI output driver.
- Track would not advance automatically after seeking when player was stopped.
- Fixed 'Minimize to tray' and 'Close to tray' not being saved correctly,
two casualties of last version's configuration system rework.
(reported: Gazonga)
- Wave files with AC3 header and content were not being played properly on Windows 7
and Windows Server. (reported: E. Olla)
- Waveform display issues with FLAC files on certain systems. Temporarily reverted back to previous version of FLAC plugin/decoder (the new plugin
can be selected manually in the setup version of Resonic.)

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