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Formoid 1.2
Gary Brazzell

(Jan 22, 2014)

From reading Formoid's YouTube page, I'd say I am like most users in that I cannot get the self-hosted forms to work at all. Formoid produces good looking HTML, but the PHP to send the forms and redirect users to a thank you page is hopelessly broken. I've tried several different ways (since the instructions leave you guessing), and I worked with paid customer support for a week before they just quit emailing me back. My experience with paid customer support also matches other commenters on Formoid's YouTube page. They don't really interact with you. They just keep throwing out pat statements that really have nothing to do with what you are showing them.

Even if it did work, Formoid will only send to one email at a time. I paid for the "unlimited commercial license." If you try to make a form send to any address other than the main email address, the paid and licensed software converts back to freeware.

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