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Sweet Home 3D 4.4

(Aug 9, 2014)

Brilliant software for someone wanting to mock up a design for their home. Super easy to download and install, even on Linux, runs on a modest machine and has a really easy to use interface. I've never used this type of software before and found this a breeze. Hats off tot he authors, as freeware if everything in this world was as good value and reliable as Sweet Home 3D we'd all be smiling.

Sweet Home 3D 4.1
builder joe

(Sep 1, 2013)

Too hard to use. I wanted to create a simple floor plan but instead spent too much time just trying to figure it all out. A waste of my time.

Sweet Home 3D 3.1

(Mar 23, 2011)

The software does exactly what it must do. Understood the interface in a snap, make the first design within the hour. 3d view very good and fast.

Now try to look for additional furniture to include in the library.

Sweet Home 3D 2.3

(May 9, 2010)

Very impress with this SW. I do wish the SW could provide support for adding Can-light and skylight to the living room, dining room and etc.

Sweet Home 3D 2.2

(Mar 14, 2010)

It is a very easy use programme, but hard to save or I should say it is not allow you to save your design at all. It doesn't matter how many time I tried, just not working at all.

Sweet Home 3D 2.1

(Nov 23, 2009)

This is an excellent software for non professional users, it took me one eve to get how it works and then I could reproduce my house and easily try differnt cofigurations for furnitures wall colors and so on. The furniture shapes are very basic but I could create my own objects, give colors and size. I could really reproduce everything, the limits I found are on the lights effect over colored object and the fact that you cannot group sevral object to create your own piece of furniture and then move it and turn it as a single object.

Sweet Home 3D 1.5.1

(Feb 17, 2009)

Based on the size of this application and the fact that it is freeware it is a rather brilliant piece of software. I like the 3D view capability and it's ease of use. Also very simple to install. Plans looks professional and accurate. Really good work.

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