windows live messenger 2008 freeware downloads

Messenger Reviver

2.4.9 freeware download

Messenger Reviver 2 automatically installs, repairs and/or modifies Windows Live Messenger 2012, 2011, 2009, and 2008 as well as Windows Messenger to continue signing in despite being blocked ...

Windows Live Messenger 2008

8.5.1302 freeware download

Connect, share, and make your conversations count. Windows Live Messenger has a fresh new look, but it's still ... by joining the i’m™ initiative.*Both users must have Messenger installed, a compatible microphone and speakers or a ...

PageR Enterprise Network Monitoring

5.3.6 freeware download

... (SMTP or MAPI), Network Broadcast, Web Page update, Windows Event Log alert, Display screen, Klaxon, Modem dialup, Fax broadcast, VOIP (Skype), Instant Messenger or Live Messenger, SNMP, Twitter, VB SCRIPT driven ...