maze puzzle freeware downloads

Logyx Pack

17.65 freeware download

... Pegs, RotSix, Hanoi, Nim, SideSwap, SwapJump 1D, ColorPos, Maze, Wompo, Simon Says. You can adjust options to be suitable for almost all ages. They all ...


2.5.1 freeware download

Krkal 2 is a puzzle action top-down game. You control one of three ... and try to find your way through a maze, which is full of various traps and obstacles. ...

Enigma in the Wine Cellar for Android

5.1 freeware download

... game maps are provided to explore. This exploration puzzle game is based on the original Palm OS version. The custom game engine was written in ...

Shift Em Mania

1.0.7 freeware download

Shift'em Mania is an amazing and fun tactical puzzle game with unique procedural generated levels where you ... your color balls to the bottom of a maze. Well, it's not quite as simple as it ...

jalada Hamia Blue freeware download

Download this next generation free 3D Sokoban styled puzzle and logic game and meet Hamia, the cute ... ice cubes. You get by downloading this free puzzle game: + A sliding puzzle, just move and ...

Enigma in the Wine Cellar

5.0 freeware download

... in the Wine Cellar' is a FREEWARE exploration puzzle game. Activate mechanisms, climb stairs and ladders, wade through water, scramble over ceiling handbars and catwalks ...

Dino Lake 3D

2.0.2 freeware download

... a wonderful music score. Lead Dino through the maze and collect diamonds. Beware! At various levels, there are dangerous places and monsters. Collect prizes to ...

Teddy Adventures 3D

2.0.1 freeware download

... 3D scenes and professionally animated characters in this puzzle arcade game. Lead your bear through the maze and collect honey crystals. But, beware! Bad opponents


1.3 freeware download

Storekeeper is a transport puzzle in which the player pushes boxes around a maze, viewed from above, and tries to put them ...

Free Maze Creator

1.90 freeware download

Free software to print random customized mazes with solution. Mazes can be customized in shape, drawn-on, add text, ... You can save your work templates. Great for puzzle lovers, parents, and teachers. A TILER has been ...

5 freeware award

Calculor's Dungeon

1.02 freeware download

Calculor's Dungeon is an arcade game made as MS Excel workbook. You have to navigate the labyrinth full of nasty monsters and tricky obstacles to rescue ...