pixel shader version 1.1 freeware downloads

EVGA Precision

XOC 6.2.7 freeware download

... Fan Speed, voltage and much more. This latest version of EVGA PrecisionX adds new features, overclocking support, ... GPU, Memory and Voltage Control Power Target Control Pixel Clock Overclocking – OC your refresh rate! Integrated ...

Irrlicht Engine

1.8.4 freeware download

... the documentation, the source code and a precompiled version of the engine, 21 tutorials, some useful tools, ... Huge built-in and extensible material library with vertex, pixel, and geometry shader support [more]. * Seamless indoor ...

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3DMark06 Basic Edition

1.2.1 freeware download

... multi-threaded workloads. * Seven feature tests including fill-rate, pixel shader, vertex shader and shader particles. Feature Tests 3DMark06 Advanced and ... from other sources. The feature tests include fill-rate, pixel shader, vertex shader, shader particles and perlin noise. ...