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14.1 freeware download

Free Windows software for Data Acquisition & Control, HMI / SCADA, Industrial Automation, Home Automation, Process Control, Test & Measurement, Data Logging, etc. ModCom is ...

Visual DAQ DaqPlaner - Real-Time Data-Center Monitoring Software

5.2 freeware download

Visual DAQ DaqPlaner is a free two-dimensional data analysis & Real-Time Data-Center Monitoring Software. It is a document based (*.daqp) personal data ...


20120512 Beta freeware download

... tool for 2D and 3D STM viewing. This software is designed for DAQ systems by BMCM (we use the USB-AD16F), but ... 2D and 3D visualization support for BMCM DAQ systems (USB-AD16F) export to different formats (PNG, CSV, ...