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Fresh Paint

3.1.10383.0 freeware download

... control of the thickness of brush strokes Import images, photos and even use your camera to capture an inspirational image to paint with Available activity packs and coloring ...

Logic Drawings Free

freeware download

... appropriate fields, which combined together will make an image. The numbers at the top and left side of the diagram will help you solve the ...

Amazing Lock Screen freeware download

... to Amazing Lock Screen Bing has the greatest images & now you can get use them for ... lock screen. Set one of the eight latest images manually or automatically update the lockscreen to today's ...

Color Inspiration

freeware download

... on Features Set lockscreen background image Browse latest and most popular patterns Search by keywords or color Save pattern on device Share ...

Picture Effects

freeware download

Picture Effects for Windows 8 performs some image processing functionality. Once the user has selected an image, the app will add the selected function to

Memes Generator for Win8 UI

freeware download

... meme or share it with your friends. The images are saved in high resolution, which means that ... to buy something. 3. Big selection of images and multiple captions. 4. WORKS OFFLINE! 5. High ...

Relaxation for Win8 UI

freeware download

App presents beautiful pictures and relaxing sounds allows you to rest and relax. ...

Photo of the Day! for Win8 UI

freeware download

A photo of the day, every day! With a new picture every day, this app lets you explore the world through pictures one day at a ...

FX Networks

freeware download

... the FX Spotlight. Access the exclusive FX HD image library. ...

Reddit on ReddHub

5.1 freeware download

... BaconIt Tracking for which links have been read Images in comments automatically embedded in the comment Ability ... how many new comments have been seen Integrated image viewer for a stunning viewing experience Support for ...