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2.0 freeware download

Play online multiplayer games, join our live chat rooms, make local and international friends, with this free game and social app. [--- List of multiplayer games ...

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2020.11.12 freeware download

Checkersland allows you to enjoy the game of checkers with either a computerized opponent, or with any ... over the world. Not only that, but the game provides you with a whole array of different ...

Magic Checkers

1.01 freeware download

One of the most popular logic games is Checkers. There are many variations of this game. We offer you an implementation made according to the rules of Russian Checkers. The game is endowed with a simple and ...

Fantastic Checkers Free

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Fantastic Checkers Free is a great version of this traditional board game. It has beautiful graphics and a nicely tuned ... a friend. If you are a fan of checkers (draughts) you will love this game. ...

Checkers Pro

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Checkers Pro is an implementation of the classic board game Checkers, also known as Draughts, Chequers, Dames or Damas, for Windows Phone 7. It is the only Checkers game in Windows Phone 7 with real-time online ..., Free Games Multiplayer Online

1.72 freeware download

Free multiplayer games online + chat rooms + dating website, all in one. 8-ball Pool, Bocce ball, Chess, checkers, connect 4, othello, memory, sudoku, and more. For ...

PC Backgammon Online

2.2 freeware download

Welcome to the amazing backgammon world where you can play for real money or for fun absolutely free of charge. Our room is one of the ...

FreeSweetGames Shashki

6.2.40 freeware download

... left or cannot move anymore has lost the game. Uncrowned pieces ("shashka") move one step diagonally forwards and capture other pieces by making two steps ...

FreeSweetGames Cheskers

1.0.40 freeware download

The game field is presented by positions of black cells ... camel and king. Pawns move as pieces in checkers: they move, without taking, one square diagonally forward, ...

FreeSweetGames Backgammon

2.2.40 freeware download

The game of long and short backgammon. You can create ... Backgammon is to move all of one's own checkers to the player's home and then remove them ...

Blobs Peg Solitaire

2.052 freeware download

... of Peg Solitaire and HiQ - popular thinking games similar to Chinese Checkers. The object is simple ... as you jump ...