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Chemical Data

2.9 freeware download

... Thermodynamic Data(226) Solids Data (101) Physical Data (481) Organic Data (1314) (Info types : Molecular Weight,Form and Colour,Compound Specific Gravity,Compound Melting Point(C),Compound Boiling Point(C),Compound Solubility ...


2.4.1 freeware download

... convert, analyze, or store data from molecular modeling, chemistry, biochemistry, or related areas Features: Ready-to-use ... and other methods Supports molecular modeling, cheminformatics, bioinformatics Organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, solid-state materials, nuclear chemistry ...


2.0 freeware download

... powerful tool for the interpretation of IR-spectra of organic compounds. It not only gives the user one or more functional groups that feature absorption band(s) ...

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Chemistry Development Kit

1.5.6 Dev freeware download

Chemistry Development Kit is now developed by more than ... structure editor NMRShiftDB and JChemPaint, a database of organic molecules and their NMR spectra are based on ...


1.5.3 freeware download

... including learning languages, labelling anatomical diagrams, and practising organic chemistry mechanisms. Instead of choosing a question type from ...

Engineer General Tools

1.2 freeware download

... General Tools contains equation calculations, unit conversions and chemistry information for over 4000 chemical compounds. Suitable for ... are :- Thermodynamic Data Solids Data Physical Data Organic Data Acid and Base Dissociation Constants Gas Data ...