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Internet of Things Developer

5.76 freeware download

The IoT developer simulation all about developing Smart Homes for ... own strategy to success. Develop your very own IoT Device, and simulate it's worldwide deployment over time. ...

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App Developer

5.76 freeware download

... to achieve within the next 4 years. An IoT developer model is included for developers who calculate a hardware component as well. Input Values: Employees, ...

Startup Product Manager

5.76 freeware download

... Flower arrangement, an Apple tree, a Motorcycle, an IoT device. You'll also find a Small Business Simulation ... a multi-material Product Simulation, an App Developer, an IoT Device developer with various matierials and parts, and ...


10.3 freeware download

... "connected" apps across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and IoT. Build industrial strength and business ready solutions incorporating ... create connected apps for multiple devices and platforms, IoT gadgets, and wearables like smart watches without having ...


1.0 freeware download

... imgFlasher has been built specifically for Embedded and IoT developers in order to flash OS images on SD cards and USB drives. Made primarily for ...


0.98b2105 freeware download

... of protocol stacks in data network solutions including IoT and VoIP 2) Quality Assurance as a tool ... Video codecs 7) Tone generation and detection. 8) IoT sensor and actuator emulation. 9) IoT CoAP and ...