glass of water freeware downloads

Dwarf Fortress for Mac OS X

0.47.03 freeware download

... or conquer the underworld. Build floodgates to divert water for farming or to drown your adversaries... and ... roles in the world. Honey, wax, pottery, windmills, waterwheels, soap, plaster, wool, eggs, dyes, cheese, glass, animal ...

Winstep Nexus Dock

16.6 freeware download

... live icon reflections and support for Vista Aero Glass effects. Features List: - Live icon reflections. - ... afterglow and many other incredible mouse over effects. Water ripple, fluid surface, fluid reflections and many more ...

Craquelure 3D plug-in

1.70 freeware download

... from etched metal and silk plaster to melted glass and water ripples. Random settings generator helps you to quickly ...