Other freeware downloads


1.8 SR2 freeware download

Changes the window color to match the current wallpaper

Foxit Reader freeware download

Foxit Reader is a small, fast, and feature rich PDF software


8.1.6 freeware download

Free configurable local weather and radar monitor that runs in your system tray.


2.8.5m.196 freeware download

A desktop utility that brings nature sounds closer

Keyboard Lights

1.1 freeware download

View the current status of your Num Lock, Caps Lock and Scroll Lock keys.

NVDA Portable

2016.4 freeware download

It enables blind or vision impaired people to access computers running Windows


2016.4 freeware download

It enables blind or vision impaired people to access computers running Windows


4.0.0 B2746 freeware download

Keep an eye on your system resources, like memory


4.01 freeware download

Simple and easy to use, the small Magnifier is always ready when you need it.


1.14.043 freeware download

Lens that magnifies by two everything on the screen.

Quick Pop Menu

1.2.7 freeware download

Allows you to instantly launch the desired application

CD Art Display

3.0 freeware download

Show the now playing song cover on your desktop


2.91 freeware download

Let's see! How long can your laptop battery hold a charge? Or let your PC sweat


5.0 Alpha 7 freeware download

Works in a similar way to the balloon-style tooltips

Icaros Shell Extensions

3.0.1 RC 1 freeware download

Help you easily add thumbnails for essentially any video media filetype

Girls Virtual

2016.3.58 freeware download

Get the hottest Girls Virtual download today & discover tasty treats for your PC

Desktop Strip

2016.3.2 freeware download

Bring the hot models to your computer and have a desktop strip party


1.8.5 freeware download

Share single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers

Free Virtua Girl

2016.3.59 freeware download

Get Free Virtua Girl Today - It'll Be Just Like Having Your Very Own Strip Bar!

Artificial Girl

2016.3.3 freeware download

The hottest virtual deskmate Artificial Girl downloadable for your desktop

Virtual Girl Screensaver

2016.3.11 freeware download

Make your desktop more pleasant with Virtual Girl Screensaver

Virtual Girls Download

2016.3.10 freeware download

Letting the Virtual Girls Download to dance on your desktop while you're working

Virtual Girlfriend Sex

2016.3.10 freeware download

The best Virtual Girlfriend Sex entertainment for your computer

Virtua Girl 2

2016.3.18 freeware download

The all new Virtua Girl 2 is all you need for erotic actions on your desktop

Desktop Dancer

2016.3.2 freeware download

Amazing features of the Desktop Dancer app which can grab your attention