Widgets freeware downloads

Battery Monitor

7.3 freeware download

Battery Monitor shows current Battery and Power Status

Top Process Monitor

7.8 freeware download

This simple Sidebar gadget shows the top processes on your system

BOINC Monitor

9.67 freeware download

Developed to be a small tool that will display BOINC tasks progress

New Version
5 freeware award

System Uptime Full Plus

9.6 freeware download

Sidebar gadget that will show you when you opened your PC

Atomic Clock

1.7 freeware download

A simple Windows Gadget that connect to atomic clock servers

5 freeware award

Weather Monitor

6.1 freeware download

A sidebar gadget that displays the current weather conditions

Ping Monitor

7.9 freeware download

Designed in order to provide you with a simple means of pinging a server

5 freeware award


1.9.6 freeware download

Application that calculates currency conversions


1.0 freeware download

diggstream streams real-time activity from digg.com using Digg's streaming API

S-Energy Manager

2.0 freeware download

Displays energy consumption data from S-Energy electric meters

Virtual Earth freeware download

Allows to view the latest maps from Google, Yahoo and MSN

Virtual Earth for Mac OS X freeware download

Allows to view the latest maps from Google, Yahoo and MSN

Parking Status

2.2 freeware download

New feature that Microsoft introduced in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

LTA Singapore Road Monitoring

2.2 freeware download

Shows on your desktop or sidebar webcam feeds of the Singapore traffic

G+7 freeware download

Live Google+ messages feed on your Windows desktop

Namaz Vakitleri freeware download

Allow users to calculate prayer times for 8000 position

Hi-Tech Channel freeware download

Receive and read Hi-Tech news from your desktop

Open Tool Kit (OTK)

0.95 freeware download

Emphasizes simplicity without eliminating capability

Google Widget Editor freeware download

Designed in order to help you easily develop your own gadgets

MRPGadget freeware download

Use this gadget to control Mouse Recorder Pro 2

Critical Translator

1.0.2 freeware download

Translate between more than 50 languages

Sidebar Radio

2.4 freeware download

Listen to streaming radio from the Google Desktop Sidebar

Eve Server Monitor

1.0 freeware download

Monitor the status of Tranquility, the primary server for Eve Online MMO

Health News freeware download

The gadget displays illustrated health news

ActiveX Clock

1.5 freeware download

A digital variation to the default analog clock from Microsoft