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2.3 freeware download

People always say 'a picture is worth 1000 words'. But sometimes a plain picture is just not enough. You may want to add annotation to the ...

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LTspice IV

XVII freeware download

LTspice IV is a high performance SPICE simulator, schematic capture and waveform viewer with enhancements and models for easing the simulation of switching regulators. Our enhancements ...

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Chasys Draw IES

4.44.01 freeware download

Chasys Draw IES (formerly Chasys Draw Artist) is a suite of applications including a layer-based image editor with animation, vista-style icon support and super-resolution via image ...

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Easy Art Draw

1.0.13 freeware download

Eay Art Draw is Vector Graphics Software (like to CorelDraw). Draw object => Polyline, Freepolygon, Free line, Calligraphy, Curve(with bezier), RectAngle, Polygon(3-20 point), Ellipse, Text. Edit ...

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PCTuneUp Free Resource Extractor

5.1.7 freeware download

PCTuneUp Free Resource Extractor is a powerful free resource extractor that helps extract a variety of resource in DLL, EXE, OCX, CPL and more files. It ...

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2016g freeware download

Screenphoto: Screenshots made easy! Screenphoto is the easiest way of creating screenshots. Screenphoto integrates itself into your Windows system by adding a new button in the ...

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Free Photo Effects

1.0.13 freeware download

Photo Effects Pro is an easy and fun way to enhance your personal photos. It makes your photos beautiful with easy and powerful editing tools.Support many ...

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FontView freeware download

Watch the fonts on your windows system without hurting your eyes. FontView was created due a the eye-damaging-experience with the windows-system 'character table'. FontView displays the ...

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Mandelbrot Explorer

3.4 freeware download

A free Mandelbrot and Julia Set explorer with many features: (i) save regions being explored, save calculation results, and explore data to CSV. (ii) colouration with ...

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Screenshot Captor

4.20.1 freeware download

Screenshot Captor is designed for grabbing lots of screenshots with minimal intervention. It has great multimon suport and includes a full image explorer with full shell ...

New Version

A Ruler for Windows

3.3.3 freeware download

A Ruler for Windows is a free on-screen pixel ruler and reading guide for your PC. It provides you your choice of a woodgrain, stainless steel, ...

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1.9.114 B4411 freeware download

Pad2Pad is the remarkable new way to get the custom printed circuit boards you need. Download our free PCB software, design your board, and click to ...

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2017 B20170322 freeware download

TNTatlas is a powerful free geodata viewer that lets you publish and distribute your maps and geospatial data — from a single geodata file to complex ...

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9.2.1 freeware download

ProfiCAD is the quickest and easiest way to create electrical documentation and schematic diagrams. Although it is very easy to learn and use, it is a ...

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10.47 freeware download

ExifTool is free software used for reading, writing, and manipulating image, audio and video metadata. It is platform independent and is both a Perl library and ...

Soft4Boost Document Converter freeware download

Soft4Boost Document Converter is an easy-to-use software application designed to view and convert various types of documents. It reads text files and converts them to PDF, ...

Free Fun Morphing

2.1.29 freeware download

Free Fun Morphing creates a sequence of frames which are the transformation of the source image to target image, giving the appearance that the source image ...


1.18 freeware download

ImgV64 is a Windows Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10 graphics viewer for GIF, JPG, PNG and other formats. It is designed for those who want a solid, easy viewer but ...

Icons8 Lunacy

0.92 freeware download

Icons8 Lunacy is a standalone Sketch viewer for Windows with handy features for HTML/CSS coding. It helps developers, product managers, and UX specialists to easily open ...

Praat x64

6.0.27 freeware download

Praat x64 (also the Dutch word for "talk") is a free scientific software program for the analysis of speech in phonetics. It has been designed and ...

Praat for Mac OS X

6.0.27 freeware download

Praat is a carefully created software solution aimed at those who want to analyze, synthesize and manipulate speech. Moreover, with this tool you can generate high ...

Praat for Linux

6.0.27 freeware download

Praat (also the Dutch word for "talk") is a free scientific software program for the analysis of speech in phonetics. It has been designed and continuously ...


6.0.27 freeware download

Praat (also the Dutch word for "talk") is a free scientific software program for the analysis of speech in phonetics. It has been designed and continuously ...

TSR Watermark Image Software - FREE freeware download

Protect your photos with the TSR Watermark images software that can run in batch mode. Add multiple watermarks in one run, and save each watermarked image ...

AMC GIF Construction Set Tutorial

7.0a.01 freeware download

The GIF Construction Set Professional animation software is easy to use, and this tutorial will make it even easier to learn. Work through the ten exercises ...