Development freeware downloads

Shell script obfuscator

1.2 freeware download

shell script obfuscator that can obfuscate any type of shell script

FxEngine Framework freeware download

A tool that simplifies the plugin architecture for the data flow processing

Performance Counter Helper freeware download

Makes it easier for developers to develop applications


1.00 freeware download

SparrowOS is an x86_64, multi-tasking, multi-cored, free, public domain

J2EE Tools

0.46 freeware download

Create, build, deploy and run J2EE applications

Adobe XMP Library for ActionScript

1.0 freeware download

The XMP Library for ActionScript 3 is based on the XMPCore library

Funambol Sync Server SDK

8.7.0 freeware download

Extend the server capabilities developing new connectors


3.242 freeware download

Designed to be a simple yet another diff tool

GalaXQL for Linux

2.0 freeware download

GalaXQL is an interactive SQL tutorial

JRuby for Mac

1.7.4 freeware download

The Java implementation of Ruby programming language

wxPython freeware download

A GUI toolkit for the Python programming language

5 freeware award

Zenipex Beta freeware download

Allow someone with C++ knowledge to create 3D games

Boa Constructor

0.6.1 beta freeware download

Boa Constructor is a cross platform Python IDE and wxPython GUI Builder

Gecode for Linux

4.4.0 freeware download

A toolkit for developing constraint-based systems and applications

SCUBA Dive Log

2.0.4484.24763 freeware download

Get rid of all those dive log books on your book shelves

OpenGI for Linux

2.1.1 freeware download

Developed as an accessible, Open Source & platform-independent C library


0.54.0 freeware download

An Eclipse plugin which acts as a wrapper for Eclipse text editors

AlgART Java Libraries

1.2 freeware download

Java libraries for processing arrays and matrices, including image processing


2.8.5 freeware download

A free and open source, cross-platform version control system

Microsoft Unity Application Block

2.1 freeware download

Facilitates building loosely coupled applications

SocialMedia driven App Developer

3.20 freeware download

SocialMedia driven App Developer Business Case Simulation

New Version


e1.5 r1 freeware download

Generate interactive communication boards with this tool.

Internet of Things Developer

3.76 freeware download

Calculate an Internet of Things developer business for 48 months

New Version


freeware download

Keep track of your applications ratings and reviews.

Avro Editor

0.95 freeware download

Enable you to view, edit or compare your Avro binary files