Puzzle & Word Games freeware downloads

Sudo Sudoku

2.0.1 freeware download

Sudo Sudoku Puzzle Game, can generate endless number of Sudoku Puzzles.

Tams11 CueWords freeware download

Guess the five letter word to pocket the pool balls.


2.1 freeware download

A completely different way to play Minesweeper - using Nonograms!

Michele Watches

1.1 freeware download

Solve hard puzzle with nice Michele watch. Good luck!

Color Sudoku

3.1 freeware download

Sudoku games - Killer, Greater Than, Consecutive, Odd/Even, Diagonal, Samurai.

SYA Sokoban

2.0.1 freeware download

Still Yet Another Sokoban, an implementation of the popular Sokoban puzzle game

Mah Jongg Diamond

1.0 freeware download

The Mah Jongg Diamond is a sparkling new board game waiting for you.

Tams11 Switch freeware download

Create words on the board using letter tiles.

Hourglass Mah Jongg

1.0 freeware download

The time is ticking with Hourglass Mah Jongg.

Sailboat Mah Jongg

1.0 freeware download

Come sail away with Sailboat Mah Jongg. Imagine the warm ocean breeze.

Tams11 Flip Flop freeware download

Change one letter at a time to Flip Flop the starter word to the ending word.

Egyptian Pyramids Mahjong Solitaire

1 freeware download

Egyptian Pyramids Mahjong Solitaire will entomb you with pleasure!

Zipper Mahjong Solitaire

1 freeware download

Suit up with Zipper Mahjong Solitaire. Play the most fashionable puzzle game.

Snake Mahjong Solitaire

1 freeware download

Snake Mahjong Solitaire will strike you when you least expect it!

Building Academy

1.0 freeware download

Free physics puzzle game from Arcade-Free-Games.com

Diamond Ring Mahjong Solitaire

1 freeware download

Diamond Ring Mahjong Solitaire puts that bling on your ring!

Heart Mahjong Solitaire

1 freeware download

Valentine's Day Heart Mahjong Solitaire will fill you with love. Match tiles.


4.0 freeware download

Let us see how many movies you can guess?

Mahjong Solitaire

1 freeware download

Match tiles in puzzle game Mahjong Solitaire. Mahjong is a board game.

Mysteries of Persia

1.0 freeware download

Great sequel of addictive puzzle match 3 game from AncientJewelsGames.com


1.14 freeware download

Puzzle game, where the player has to arrange boxes in order to pass the stage.

Capitals trivia

2.3 freeware download

Capital trivia is a classic trivia game. Your aim is to hit the leader board.

5 freeware award

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite

1.8.4 freeware download

Free jigsaw puzzle with lots of puzzles included and ability to make your own.

Cosmic Solitaire

1.0 freeware download

Free solitaire game with two gameplays by ArcadeGamePlace.com

Christmas Wreath Mahjong Solitaire

1.0 freeware download

It's Christmas every day with Christmas Wreath Mahjong Solitaire.