Servers freeware downloads

BIDS Helper Beta freeware download

Extend and enhance the functionality of the SQL Server

Forefront Unified Access Gateway

4.0.1773.10100 freeware download

A secure application gateway, to manage, control, and optimize remote access

Silverlight Multi File Uploader

5.0 freeware download

It can be used to upload multiple files simultaneously to your website

XAMPP for Mac

5.6.32-0 freeware download

An easy to install Apache distribution for Windows containing MySQL, PHP & Perl

New Version

AmoK pop2rss

1.0 freeware download

Checks email accounts (pop3) and displays emails as RSS Feed


0.9.9 freeware download

System for the remote viewing of very high-resolution images


1.08 freeware download

Test the configuration of a SMTP-Server including DNS MX

Air Video Server for Mac OS X

2.4.6 Beta 3 freeware download

Allow you to stream videos in almost any format to your iPhone


6.0.0 RC 2 freeware download

A handy, fast and easy TYPO3-Setup for Windows (WAMP)

Alternate LDAP

1.300 freeware download

Allows you to search public LDAP servers for emails

MyJgui freeware download

Cross-platform graphical MySql client/front-end

BitNami PostgreSQL

5.3.6-0 freeware download

A useful tool for the configuration of PostgreSQL and phpPgAdmin

BitNami ocPortal Stack for Linux

9.0.4-0 freeware download

An easy-to-install distribution of ocPortal, MySQL, PHP, and Apache

BitNami JBoss Stack for Linux

7.1.1-2 freeware download

Simplify the development and deployment of JBoss applications

Shicks! for Linux

0.9 freeware download

A portable, free POP3/SMTP server

Jigsaw for Windows

2.2.6 freeware download

Jigsaw is W3C's leading-edge Web server platform, providing a sample HTTP


5.06 freeware download

High resolution PING utility

Biztalk Terminator freeware download

Allows for common Biztalk problems to be addressed by scripts


3.2.0 freeware download

This is a web based administration tool for Nagios 2.x

Exchange Toolkit Panel

1.1 freeware download

This program has been custom designed by us to help Exchange Administrators to h


2.2.6 freeware download

Apache authentication module using IBM DB2 as the backend db for users/groups

AthTek SmartServ

1.0 freeware download

Easily setup a web testing environment for web app testing or website testing.


1.0.2 B20110914 freeware download

Designed for SQL database and Hibernate as Object-Relational Mapping

System Center Integration Pack for VMware vSphere

7.1 freeware download

A useful addition for System Center Orchestrator


3.0.20160615 freeware download

A free proxy server program running in windows systems.