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BOINC Monitor

9.96 freeware download

BOINC Monitor is a small Windows 10 gadget that displays the BOINC tasks progress right on your desktop. If you want to help science by using ...

5 freeware award

System Uptime Full Plus

11.7 freeware download

... does not put a strain on the computer's CPU and memory. This gadget is an easy to use and will not cause your PC to ...

Top Process Monitor

10.7 freeware download

... real time. You can also check your current CPU level and the total number of threads included. ... you can select the to processes mode between CPU, memory (Working Set), PageFiles, Virtual Memory, IO (Bytes ...

XWidget for Android

1.94 freeware download

... with just one-click. Widgets include Clocks, Weather, Calendar, CPU, RAM, Battery, SDcard, Shortcuts, PhotoAlbumson, and more ... ... widgets and counting..) - More CORES supported like cpu, ram, calendar, photo album etc ported from the ...


1.3 freeware download

... task progress and the easy task progress, the CPU task, the GPU task, the SMP task and the Task progress. ...

5 freeware award

Parking Status

2.4 freeware download

... park one or multiple cores of a multi-core cpu to reduce the computer’s power consumption and thermal ... core parking on the system. Currently, the CPU Power Policies that are used by Windows 7 ...


1.60 freeware download

... Snes9x is coded in C++, with three assembler CPU emulation cores on the i386 Linux and Windows ports. Currently there are many ports of ...