Encryption Tools freeware downloads

Seed4.Me VPN on Windows

1.0.4 freeware download

Keep your desktop activities safe and private

New Freeware

Free File Lock

6.2.7 freeware download

As a safe file encrypter it can protect your important or sensitive files.

Free File Encrypter

6.0.4 freeware download

Encrypt files of any formats to protect them from prying eyes.

Free EXE Lock

5.0.5 freeware download

Lock and unlock any program so that nobody can use it without your permission.


2015b freeware download

Encrypt and decrypt any text or emails with a secure password.

Free App Lock

6.0.4 freeware download

Lock any executable files or programs.


1.5 freeware download

Encryption tool for creating encrypted file archives


1.4 freeware download

Encryption tool for mirroring directories to encrypted containers

CrococryptMirror Portable

1.4 freeware download

Encryption tool for mirroring directories to encrypted containers

Free Video Player

1.0 freeware download

Completely FREE video player, with its built-in support for all the most formats

Free Video Encryptor

1.0 freeware download

Free Video Encryptor lets prevent illegal copying and distribution your video

XOR Binary Data Uncrypter freeware download

Xor Binary data unprotector by A.S.L.

VyprVPN for Mac freeware download

VyprVPN for Mac App - Free Secure Personal VPN for Mac Desktops and Laptops

SumRando VPN freeware download

Security and Privacy Encryption Software for Windows

PCTuneUp Free EXE Lock

5.1.5 freeware download

Protect your programs from unauthorized access.

PCTuneUp Free File Encryptor

5.1.5 freeware download

Protect your files from unauthorized access.

Whitenoise Strong Encryptor

3.0 freeware download

Free strong Whitenoise encryption for email and files. Protect comms & data

USB Safeguard

7.5 freeware download

Software to encrypt and protect data with a password on your removable pen drive


2.1.1 freeware download

Command line tool that creates encrypted volumes within a file or a hard drive.

abylon READER

15.90.1 freeware download

Freeware for decrypting and verifying of files

5 freeware award


7.4.1 freeware download

Kryptelite is a solution for data encryption fitting both corporate and home use

Wise Folder Hider

3.39.148 freeware download

Hide private files, photos, videos and other personal data from your PC

Wise Folder Hider

3.39 freeware download

Free, Safely and quickly hide files/folders in local and removable partitions.

Encoding Decoding Free

3.4.6 freeware download

The best way to encode and decode any type of file!

CryptSync 64-bit freeware download

Encrypt your SkyDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox files