Components & Libraries freeware downloads

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK

9.1 freeware download

Dynamsoft Barcode Reader SDK is a browser-based ActiveX/Plug-in;

Adobe XMP Library for ActionScript

1.0 freeware download

The XMP Library for ActionScript 3 is based on the XMPCore library


0.9.2 freeware download

Designed for audio synthesis featuring dynamic digital filters


1.5.1 freeware download

Portable library and API for the graphical rendering of musical scores


3.15.3 freeware download

Support for the most used image formats with this library

OpenGI for Linux

2.1.1 freeware download

Developed as an accessible, Open Source & platform-independent C library


1.10.1 freeware download

An open source software library for rapid development

New Version

TSpectrum3D freeware download

Provide 3D audio FFT spectrum display to audio streams.


4.5 freeware download

A tool for the application developer in C #, VB. Net, or AP. Net


0.6.0 Beta freeware download

Designed as a handy and accessible Java library

Awesomium.CApi.NET Beta freeware download

Awesomium C API wrapper for .NET

dotConnect Universal Standard Edition

3.50.856 freeware download

Provides you access to various databases for the .NET Framework


1.1.1 freeware download

FLib is a free, open source library of high-quality Java components.


1.0.1 Beta 197 freeware download

Designed to be an Open Source C/C++ Logging API library


1.8 freeware download

Loris is a library for sound analysis, synthesis and morphing

Library .NET

18.7.5479.12252 freeware download

A personal notes and information management system


4.4 freeware download

An IDE for MIPS Assembly Language Programming


3.0 freeware download

Provide backward compatibility with the unix's C crypt() function framework

3.3.1 freeware download is the fastest way to create a web database application


2011.2 freeware download

Gaia is free library for programming Java Swing applications.


2011.7.5.1 freeware download

A fast, extensible, and intuitive object-to-text template engine

OpenEV for Linux

1.80 freeware download

Application for viewing and analysing raster and vector geospatial data


0.9.3 Beta freeware download

A framework to import mapping data from providers

GUIDOLib for Linux

1.5.1 freeware download

Portable library and API for the graphical rendering of musical scores

Quick PDF Library Lite

7.21 freeware download

Quick PDF Library Lite is a completely free PDF SDK