CAD freeware downloads

Cytoscape for Mac OS X

3.7.2 freeware download

A visualization application for molecular interaction networks


5.5.5 freeware download

Set of applications implementing most of the needs of X-ray fluorescence


2.1.8 freeware download

GHydraulics integrates EPANET and QGIS


0.5.19b freeware download

An open-source, freely available, machine vision program

Harmonic Manipulator for Mac OS X freeware download

Harmonic manipulation tool accessible from the CLI

ExPCB Helper

1.3 freeware download

Create interesting shapes and logos on a pc board design.

AutoCAD OwnerGuard

12.9.1 freeware download

AutoCAD DWG Security,DRM, Copy Protection, Watermarking, Distribution Management

CityCAD Viewer

2.7.0 freeware download

A tool which you can use to open and explore models created with CityCAD

Circuitscape x64

4.0.5 freeware download

A free, open-source program which borrows algorithms from electronic circuit


1.1.2 freeware download

ExafsArchitect is a handy MATLAB-based instrument


3.0 Beta 2 freeware download

Tool for applying Genetic Programming and Genetic Algorithm


4.28 freeware download

Free PCB Layout editor with advanced functions

Balony October

1.4.5 freeware download

Designed to offer you an image analysis and data inspection

PCB Creator

2.0 freeware download

Easily design 2 to 4 Layer PCBs for your electroncis projects

Caliper2PC freeware download

Tachometer for Mill, Lathe, Drilling Machine and 3D Digitizer

LTplus Google SketchUP DXF

11 freeware download

LTplus Google SketchUP DXF - PlugIN - V. 11 EN


4.4 freeware download

Designed to help you find frequent item sets with the relim algorithm

Kst for Linux

2.0.7 freeware download

A fast real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool

Kst for Mac OS X

2.0.7 freeware download

A fast real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool

eMachineShop 3D CAD

1.52 freeware download

Free 3D CAD Program with Instant Pricing and Instant Online Ordering


2.0.8 freeware download

A fast real-time large-dataset viewing and plotting tool

DAVID-Laserscanner freeware download

A freeware software that allows you to scan/digitize three-dimensionals objects


5.0.1 freeware download

An open-source, multi-platform data analysis and visualization application

PyPedal for Linux

2.0.3 freeware download

Manipulate your pedigrees with this application


10.5.0 B6491 freeware download

View, navigate, and print published ArcGIS maps using ArcReader