Development freeware downloads

Frink for Mac OS X

2018-02-13 freeware download

Calculates exchange rates between most of the world's currencies

New Version

Adobe Flash Player Debugger freeware download

ActiveX control content debugger for Flash developers

New Version


3.5 freeware download

A light and user-friendly editor for the Java programming language

New Version


1.03 freeware download

XMLInfo is a framework of componenets repacing and streamlining Readme files. SDK

4.1.5 freeware download

Necessary tools and documentation for programming the APIs

New Version

Mercurial x64

4.3.3 freeware download

Monitor changes between one source code version and another from any location

Visual Prolog

7.5 B7502 freeware download

Programming environment: compiler, IDE, linker, debugger

BitNami Redmine Stack for Mac OS X freeware download

Greatly simplifies the deployment of Redmine and its required dependencies

New Version


18.02.18 freeware download

Illuminated Logic Delphi function, procedure, and class library.

New Version

Easy Code for MASM freeware download

A setup program and includes the source code of a nice CD player

BitNami Redmine Stack

3.4.4-1 freeware download

Greatly simplifies the deployment of Redmine and its required dependencies

New Version

Eclipse SDK x64

4.7.2 freeware download

An open-source Java IDE and platform for rich client applications

New Version

QPDF x64

7.1.0 freeware download

Designed to inspect and manipulate the PDF files structure

New Version

Video Management Software freeware download

Milesight VMS Lite is a free video management system.

Kyrathaba's Source Code Line Counter freeware download

a source-code line counter for VB, C#, and C++


3.13.0 freeware download

wolfSSL is a lightweight SSL/TLS library for application and device developers.

New Version

ACQC Metrics

1.07 freeware download

ACQC Metrics computes typical source code file and function metrics.

PEBrowseDbg64 Interactive

6.3.6 freeware download

Native and managed code debugger for Windows 64-bit Operating Systems

5 freeware award

VB .NET Examples Collection

2.0 freeware download

Collection of VB .NET examples that will make your coding easier and faster.

Java SE Development Kit (JDK) for Mac OS X

8 Update 121 freeware download

The basic resources you need in order to create apps in Java

Lazarus x32

1.8.2 freeware download

A stable and feature rich visual programming environment

New Version

Qt Creator

4.5.1 freeware download

A cross-platform integrated development environment

New Version

Mono for Windows freeware download

Provides the necessary software to develop and run .NET client

New Version

WMI Delphi Code Creator freeware download

Generate object pascal and C++ code to access the WMI.


3.9.19 freeware download

The Weaverslave is a flexible editor for many web related text formats.